"Antifa aren't the good guys, if they were, why would they cover their faces?" - Nerds who apparently have forgotten about comic books and superheroes.

@cambrian_era Interestingly, most morally "clean" superheroes do not cover their faces - only those with a viligante mindset seems to follow that pattern.

@Matemann I mean the whole idea is that the police have refused to keep communities safe from facists so they have to.


@cambrian_era Is that the case, though? Are "radical antifa" (as distinguished from antifa which are just anti-fascist) actually just a reaction to underpoliced fascist aggression?

And if so, looking at wherever radical antifascists demonstrate: Are store windows in some way fascist aggressors? Or are such rioters in some meaningful way "no real radical antifa?"

I think it is necessary to understand that no matter how noble your goal is, the public will judge you by the results of your actions

@Matemann yes, they are precisely that kind of reaction. When proud boys are out there beating people and the police decline to do anything until video is released then forgive me if I'm not particularly worried about a Starbucks window being broken. Or, you know, torch wielding mobs who shoot at people and run them over.

@Matemann yes, I know, "those things are bad but there's a right way to stop it". Except not so much if the proper channels are indifferent or even supportive. I think if one is truly concerned about fascists in communities the solution would be to pressure authorities to take them seriously instead of focusing on the people who want to stop them.

@cambrian_era do, fighting the good fight, civil war style, on the streets. Just don't be surprised if the non-fascists turn to "law and order" and against antifascist groups and those who support them.

.. you know, like how the actual Nazis got into power back in 1933: they offered safety against rioting, leftist mobs when the government at the time was weak and unable to (not claiming that was the only reason, but it helped their popularity). Look it up.

@Matemann It is incredibly naive to believe that as long as people behave, fascists will tell the truth and not try to paint them as dangerous criminals.

@cambrian_era so you want to claim that violence from radical antifa is actually just a lie perpetuated by fascists and that the self-gratifying solidarity notes they send each others about their rioting sprees somehow are fascist forgeries?

I think such a claim is a tall order.

@Matemann I mean you just entirely fabricated an argument and you're not even a fascist with anything to gain.

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