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Covid, Germany, prevent deadnaming 

Update on the ID controlling situation:
I personally found a way that prevents deadnaming in most cases. And I think more queers should know about it:

So I've been using the dgti Ergänzungsausweis for a while now as additional ID with the correct data.
I've used this document to ask a local pharmacy to hand me a vaccine certificate with the correct name.

I now use this and the Ergänzungsausweis INSTEAD of my ID to prove vaccination.
So far this seems to work.

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transmisic that no other cutie is here to play with our boobs.

#OH: "Ich mach Hitler und Kommasetzung." – "Also passt Grammatik-Nazi ganz gut als Bezeichnung."

German, Lewd 

OH: "Spritzgebäck ist das, was nach dem Kekswichsen übrig bleibt."

kink, food mention 

more realistically me: "Can I has food?" – "We have feet at home" 😅

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It doesn’t matter if being nonbinary makes you “in the way,” an “inconvenience,” “difficult to deal with,” or “too hard to get used to” according to some.

You should take up space, resources, time, and attention.

Everyone does.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #exorsexism ..

German, shitpost 

OH: "Du kannst Jacken an Brustwarzen aufhängen, so kalt ist es" 🥶


Hey redbubble? This is maybe not the best setting for your auto-generated sample photo

i do believe trans girl breast milk has magical properties but further research is necessary


Breeding cute girls to make their tits grow bigger

lewd, star trek 

star trek writers 🤝 me

When someone asks whether you're a man or a woman, ask whether they need it for medical purposes or for discriminatory purposes. Do not provide any other options.

Mental health and work 

I can't be the only one who feels a somewhat immense dread for every day that I'm off work because I'm just one day closer to having to go back to the job that I don't even care about a lot. It puts a lot of stress on me, and it causes me to feel like I can't take one of my days that I'm off to have a self-care day because I feel like I'm wasting 1 of the 4 days I'm off work not being productive. I tell you, having a job takes an emotional toll on your mental health.

project ideas, executive dysfunction 

Why is it so incredibly fun to talk about projects and think of new project ideas but so so so so hard to actuall start working on them or even when started, continue working on them until completion?

covid, silly, very bad 

Your CW says "covid, negative", yet it is about receiving a notification about being exposed to someone who tested _positive_. Curious!
(I am very intelligent)

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