Any suggestions for a relatively cheap color laser printer with good Linux support? Ideally with a network function of its own, but doesn't need to have it. My Samsung CLP-510 is slowly breaking apart and I need to replace it. It's used as a communal living (WG) printer for less than 10 people.

Hardware buying help 

Hey, I need to find a new PC for a 7 year old with a budget of just 200โ‚ฌ. Should be able to run Minecraft on Windows 10 and not be a slog while working with it for school. Wifi required as well. Is a Ryzen 3200G the way to go or are there better alternatives? Do you know of good completely built systems in German stores for that budget?

As a software dev, would you rather use a Dell Precision 5530 or a Surface Book 2? ( Hexacore 2,7 GHz without pen input vs. Quadcore 1,9 GHz with pen input/convertible function )


Zitat aus obigem Blogpost:

Dahinter steckt eine Individualisierung von trans sein, wie wir es auch in den hรคufigen cis-Beschreibungen als ein โ€žim falschen Kรถrper steckenโ€œ kennen. Als falsch wird nicht eine Gesellschaft begriffen, die alle Menschen mit Geschlechterstereotypen zur Anpassung und Unterwerfung zwingt โ€“ stattdessen wird der Fehler bei den trans Personen selbst gesehen, in ihren Kรถrpern, in ihrem Aussehen. Hiermit wird eben verschleiert, dass ein GroรŸteil des Leids und der Diskriminierung von trans Personen รผberhaupt nichts mit unseren Kรถrpern zu tun hat.

#trans #gender #gesellschaft
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@MayaMitKind auf Twitter:

Ich sage hier manchmal, dass ich eine trans Frau mit "Passing" bin, also von wildfremden Leuten als Frau wahrgenommen werde.

Wie es dazu kam und warum das nicht nur erfreulich ist, sondern auch ne Menge Probleme mit sich bringt, habe ich verbloggt:


It seems like a slash is missing somewhere, thus instead of loading a script from it loads it frkm netembed.js and fails at that, since that domain doesn't even seem to exist. But... why? And again, I'm sure this worked all fine before? ๐Ÿค” Where can I fix this?

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Okay for some reason, and I swear without me changing anything whatsoever, the Podlove player in my WordPress installation isn't working anymore. It works when I make podlove use the external (CDN) player, but for data protection reasons, I simply want to use the local version instead.

I don't know Javascript, can anyone help me debug this? My podcast is at and there's a bunch of errors I don't understand in the web console...

Imposter Syndrome? No, you misheard me, I got I'm Poster Syndrome, it's where I can't shut the fuck up on line

this comes up again and again in cw discourse particularly, but also in all sorts of other areas where we have conflicting social needs. there are certain behaviors that are inappropriate, and then there are certain behaviors it's just ur responsibility to avoid if they make you uncomfortable?? you don't have the right to demand ppl content warn the natural, widely unharmful ways they exist

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anyway the point is, yes it's an awkward and difficult grey area to navigate but people have vastly different needs. just like filtering a word doesn't necessarily make it a bad word, just not one you want to see, blocking a person because of what they say or so doesn't necessarily make them a bad person, just not one that's healthy for you to interact with rn

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anyway people are going to do stuff that makes you uncomfortable and anxious and maybe even full on triggers you sometimes, and that's Not a substantial argument for those people to not have done those things and this is in fact, extremely unironically the hill i will die on

The recent SafetyNet changes mean I either have to re-lock my Pixel 3, or get a new phone to use my banking app and play Pokรฉmon Go/HPWU.

I honestly don't know which route I should be going here. I think I'd do the former if there was a proper non-root backup solution... that's the only thing I really use root for nowadays. Well, and changing my emoji set to Twemoji (laughable that Android can't configure that out of the box).

Anyone here in a similar situation? ๐Ÿค”

I'm thinking of upgrading my GTX 970 to a GTX 2060 Super. I'm super confused from all the models though. Any recommendations for a model that is relatively silent (ideally fan turns off in idle) and still not as expensive as the MSI Gaming X?

Did you know that in your browser you can hold cmd/ctrl when you click the back button to open the previous page in a new tab?

There is an indicator: double arrow if it's a reply to someone, single arrow if it's not.

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Question about different subcultures y'all are part of, boost+ 

Each subculture seems to recognise something Important about people.

Furries understand that humans are animals, we all like to be fed and cozy and warm and, for many of us, snuggly.

Queer spaces carry an implicit understand that difference is not something to be simply tolerated, or even accepted, but something to actively help others realise.

Kink culture IS consent culture.

What else is there in other subcultures you're all in?

Interesting. Twitter is automatically suspending accounts that tweet an image consisting of a black background with the white text "No war on Iran" on it.

Ref 1:

Ref 2:

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