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Question about different subcultures y'all are part of, boost+ 

Interesting. Twitter is automatically suspending accounts that tweet an image consisting of a black background with the white text "No war on Iran" on it.

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Eine EU-Verordnung zwingt Reisende aus Drittstaaten, beim Grenzübertritt ihre Fingerabdrücke und ihr Gesichtsbild zu hinterlassen. Alle Mitgliedstaaten müssen daher in neue Infrastruktur an Land-, See- und Luftgrenzen investieren. Auch die Bundespolizei kauft jetzt entsprechende Anlagen.

Über eine Schnittstelle erhalten Behörden Zugriff, um zB automatisiert Fingerabdrücke mit eigenen Datenbanken abzugleichen.

@Dayglochainsaw If I can share my fave, it's this Clickhole titled "The Time I Spent On A Commercial Whaling Ship Totally Changed My Perspective On The World" followed by the entire 200,000 word text of Moby-Dick.

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If the #police is not protecting those needing protection, we need to find solutions to organize this by ourself.

there's a lot to learn from maginalized communities that are systematicaly targeted by cops, since they can't just call the cops when there's trouble, they've developed structures to be more capable of dealing with it without depending on state violence.

maybe this is your research start: #transformativejustice

for some more backround knowledge about the police:

- I'm writing a firmware...
- For what?
- USB to bullshit


For every EULA you read completely, lose 1D6 SAN points and gain 1 point of Forbidden Lore.

If you merely glance at or skim the EULA, lose 1 SAN point and gain no Forbidden Lore.

If you close your eyes and click Accept without reading, roll 1D6. On a 2 or lower, lose 1 SAN point anyway (you peeked) and gain no Lore. Otherwise, breath a sigh of relief - you have escaped with your mind unscathed, for now - but add one point of Corporate Dark Karma, to be used when the GM chooses.

We trust you have received the usual lecture from your local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) Women, especially women of color and trans women, built the foundations of most of your digital life.
#2) Before you try to help someone with a problem, make sure they actually asked for your assistance.
#3) Others' needs are more important than your convenience.

up until recently, the volunteer firefighters were unpaid. there are not enough firefighters to control the bushfires, so many have left their jobs to try to save lives.

the morrison government announced that firefighters would be paid up to $300 per day for their service, totalling at $6000. twenty days.

there are 18 confirmed deaths and 17 known missing people. over 1500 homes have been destroyed. over 4,800,000 animals have died, including 30% of new south wales' koala population. two volunteer firefighters have died. all while prime minister scott morrison was holidaying in hawaii.

note that the data in the image is outdated - the figures have since gotten much worse.

Once again (like every half year or so?) I am considering to stream video games on Twitch, but then I get frustrated when I do a single stream and nobody shows up...

Does any of you here stream? How did you start? Is it sensible to start with a fixed, public schedule, like once a week? One reason I wanna stream is that regular times to play games would probably be good for me ^^;

Here's a textbook takedown of a riot cop. Go in low, you can take the baton hits on your back. Don't stop them with your arm. When you're low, most of the momentum of the baton has been lost. You have to move with some confidence and quickly. Once they're on the ground, they're helpless. All that riot gear makes it difficult to maneuver around. Then you can use ziptie to completely incapacitate them. These are people using military gear without the training. Think of it that way and they become way less dangerous. Remember to keep your posture upright, or else you might land face-first if they shove you on the back. #OurCheats

It’s super fucked up that 80% of my nightmares are about Middle School, High School, or College - almost like our education system is inherently traumatic for kids .-.

Liebe Menschen, es ist Zeit sich ein Getränk der Wahl zu holen, die Beine hochzulegen und sich 5 Minuten Zeit für Stokowski's Kolumne zu nehmen!

Solidarität muss bedingungslos sein:

Frag mich ob am Congress der Anteil an queeren Leuten wirklich höher ist oder ob dort einfach nur mehr Menschen geouted sind?

Dieser Moment wo dir das Kotzen kommt weil du von einer Person, die dich vehement misgendert, trotz zahllosen Hinweisen, mit "ihr Lieben" bezeichnet wirst ...

Leute, das geht sich nicht aus. Ihr könnt nicht Friede Freude Eierkuchen spielen und gleichzeitig Gewalt ausüben. Und ja, absichtliches Misgendern *ist* gewalttätig und übergriffig, da hilft auch kein beschönigen

Ich rede nicht von Versehen, die passieren mir selbst auch (sorry nochmal an alle am bei denen mir das passiert ist)

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