Once again (like every half year or so?) I am considering to stream video games on Twitch, but then I get frustrated when I do a single stream and nobody shows up...

Does any of you here stream? How did you start? Is it sensible to start with a fixed, public schedule, like once a week? One reason I wanna stream is that regular times to play games would probably be good for me ^^;

@MayaMitKind I know the feeling, I've been thinking about streaming (games/creative coding/music making?) for a while now but never been confident enough to actually do it.

I think having a consistent schedule is very important, way more than the quality of the stream or what is being played.
All online creators that I actually follow closely have a really consistent schedule. Like I know that every Friday night Kyle Bosman stream weird licensed movie games, so I can plan around that.

@MayaMitKind I know there’s a bunch of streamers on my instance at least. I guess a regular schedule, some publicity and some patience do the trick?

That said, I kind of stopped using Twitch altogether (despite recommending it to you back then 😐) due to the weird dynamics of parasocial relationships, and the fact that even queer streamers on Twitch at the time seemed to care more about maximizing revenue than keeping their community clean of misogyny and ableism.



@MayaMitKind I think a regular schedule might help. I love to watch your streams, but I never catch them.

@toni @MayaMitKind Same here. Really enjoy your streams, but typically miss spontaneous ones cause I'm not online at the right moment.

@MayaMitKind regular schedules help keep folks around but do only little to help grow an audience. Or so I feel. What helped me best is having streaming friends with a bigger audience recommend me stream - but that only helps if they do it while streaming a similar game, otherwise the audience usually doesn't give a shit. I.e. if someone streams a speedrun and just before going offline they tell their folks "btw, is running another cool game, I'll be in chat there" people will come over.

@MayaMitKind so I guess it's important to build up a net of folks to recommend each other.

However, I have literally no idea how to bootstrap that. I got lucky.
Niches can help, I guess, because inside niches like gamedev many people know each other and notice new folks in the same niche quickly.

Everything I said is obviously just an educated guess, how it seems to have worked for me.

@gRuFtY Thanks for your advice. I actually don't mind growing a really huge audience - if I can just hang around with a handful of folks regularily, I think that's gonna be enough from me. I got too much stuff on my hands to really do a *lot* of streaming anyhow... but also, in my current life situation, *anything* that gives me a bit more of a regular schedule would be very useful.

@MayaMitKind I mean, I don't have a big audience either. Nowadays about 7-10 people usually watch my streams. But even finding a nice small audience is rather hard on one's own.
(And a lot of it comes down to luck. I feel I should mention that, but I believe you probably have figured that out already)

@MayaMitKind I started streaming with my flatmate 2-or-soish years ago, from a simple "Hey we're having fun failing at playing dark souls, let's share some of that with others!" It kinda replaced the classical movie evening, that we did before.

I clearly think that streaming regularly helps to gain viewers, but I have to admit that the 2-3 people that watch us on a regular basis are friends or know me personally from a different occasion.


@MayaMitKind I think that this baseline and the fact that dark souls has an active fandom helped different people to find the stream.

I also tried shameless selfplugging here on mastodon for a time, which actually lead to some people tuning in, but I didn't want to spam & bother others so I stopped doing that.

But there were/are also streams where nobody shows up. Personally, it helped me a lot that this was also entertainment for me. As I said: It was an alternative to a movie night.

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