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the Moon rocks^^... interesting insight how NASA managed the samples brought back to earth

awesome buildprocess is coming to an end, buying a poster for sure Machine X Plays Drums!

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interview with the father of all desktop-3dprinters Adrian Boyer
must watch video for all / lovers, enthusiasts, fanatics, fantastics esp. Prusa owners

der/die moderne mann/frau trägt heute @metalab 12V-AC Transformator :awesome:

session @metalab ...was helping with a project and needed something that was mechanical and user controlled... still had a bunch of lego at home soo...
the right tower is able to be disabled with a gear change :D

recht ugly print aber nützliche Dinger; Plissee Montagefüßchen für die Fenster... die original Montageklemmen dieser Füßchen "klemmen" den Dichtungsgummi der Fenster ein. Welche dann nicht mehr dicht sind...

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