Do I have to worry about Linux support when buying a USB Bluetooth dongle?
Anything else to look out for?

The Monkey Island theme is still probably the best game theme I've ever heard. So good.

So… Podcasts? Ideally, ~1h long episodes? Apart from that, whatever, I gave up trying to figure out what I like.

*Reloads Mastodon*. *Three new toots appear*. *Reloads Mastodon*. *Toots disappear again*.


@rixx @leah Ich hab da so'n toot von so nem Menschen, dem ich nicht folge in meiner Home-TL. Ohne Indikation, wie der da hin kommt…

@rixx @leah Was ist eigentlich der beste Weg, issues zu reporten für diese Instanz? (weiß ja nicht, ob der bug upstream ist, oder Instanz-spezifisch…)

Was sind konkrete Fragen/Themen, die ihr für die diesjährige Bundestagswahl in eure Entscheidung einbeziehen würdet? Ich würde mich gern konkret und strukturiert informieren :)

Any experiences with todoist by anyone? Looks decent and seems to have a good API

I think I now, for realz, have made the mental shift from considering myself an ally to feeling marginalized. Which sucks. But is also weird. Like, I still think I'm very privileged. I know that. But I also do not think that it's okay how I'm feeling or that it's purely my fault…

Today I've been told (for the 2nd time) that I probably just don't belong in SRE. And I just… don't agree with that (let me know if you do)

I'm looking for TODO-apps. Main requirements are a) multi-platform/synced/cloud and b) scriptable/good API. Paid is ok. Any recommendations?

I used bluetooth-wizard to connect my bt-headphones to my linux-laptop. And I'm pleasantly surprised that the experience wasn't crap. Though I don't get why linux bluetooth headsets need to a) have "crap headset" and "good headphones" as separate settings and b) default to the former

I see several contradictions in its core ideas. And when push comes to shove, which will be dropped? Decentralization? Privacy, Security and Safety? User experience? Or, just the general idea to actually replace Twitter; in favor of becoming a niche platform for nerds and filter bubbles?

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There are three main reasons I am not optimistic about Mastodon: 1) it doesn't scale, technically. It is already struggling while still being ~3 orders of magnitude behind Twitter. 2) It's value proposition doesn't appeal to most users, on the contrary. Being federated will just mean "fragmented" to most people (if it wants to solve that, see 1). And 3) one of its core value propositions doesn't even make sense, namely that it could curb abuse. E-Mail is a good example of how little that works

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I'm really frustrated with all of this. Mastodon is fragmenting my social media habit; which would be fine, if I would at least see any hope that it'll succeed and if I could, in good conscience, recommend it to people…

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Getting from "link to a toot" to "follow account" is another use case, where the federated nature of mastodon is just… inferior on a technical level :(

First world problems: Bank doesn't let me pay back my student loans without me sending them a bunch of documents… Literally me right now:

I can finally read my mastodon timeline via go with oauth \o/ Complete with Let's Encrypt cert on my laptop in my IPv6 home network, HTTPS redirects and everything. The future is bright.

The mastodon client lib API isn't particularly great, though…

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