users: I get these popups when I turn on my Headphones within range of any of my machines.
Can I disable them? i.e. want to *only* connect to them manually via the device manager. Without having to remove and thus having to re-pair them every time.

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@Merovius my accidential "solution" for that is not to have blueman-applet running, but I have a script that will bring up the applet and then blueman-manager and will kill the applet again once I close blueman-manager, because bluetooth.service takes care of everything that's trusted (as long as bluetooth is auto-active), blueman-applet is just needed when actively managing bluetooth devices.
That's not really a solution, but I just now realized this issue exists because I never encountered it.

@Merovius it's not really a solution, but depending on your setup it might serve as a viable hotfix, or it might not.

@cherti Don't think so. I don't want to have to run some script to connect to a BT device.

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