Getting from "link to a toot" to "follow account" is another use case, where the federated nature of mastodon is just… inferior on a technical level :(

I'm really frustrated with all of this. Mastodon is fragmenting my social media habit; which would be fine, if I would at least see any hope that it'll succeed and if I could, in good conscience, recommend it to people…

There are three main reasons I am not optimistic about Mastodon: 1) it doesn't scale, technically. It is already struggling while still being ~3 orders of magnitude behind Twitter. 2) It's value proposition doesn't appeal to most users, on the contrary. Being federated will just mean "fragmented" to most people (if it wants to solve that, see 1). And 3) one of its core value propositions doesn't even make sense, namely that it could curb abuse. E-Mail is a good example of how little that works

I see several contradictions in its core ideas. And when push comes to shove, which will be dropped? Decentralization? Privacy, Security and Safety? User experience? Or, just the general idea to actually replace Twitter; in favor of becoming a niche platform for nerds and filter bubbles?

@Merovius and keep in mind, that even today Twitter is not really mainstream and does only appeal to a fraction of people compared to Facebook

@mxk Twitter has ~300M MAUs. Calling it "not really mainstream" is kind of understating things and downplaying the technical and social challenges of "replacing" it. It is smaller than Facebook, yes, but it definitely is mainstream (and enormous). And to be attractive, even to me, a nerd with inherent interest in FOSS, as a *replacement* for Twitter, Mastodon would need to be just as mainstream.


@mxk That's the crux of the matter; the majority of interactions I have on Twitter are with people I don't really see joining Mastodon anytime soon; yet they are a very valuable part of my social network. Fragmenting between these two is not only personally annoying; it ultimately is worse for the world, because it will actively create filterbubbles. There is no way to cross-pollinate between the two

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.@mxk (and, while we're at it: Cross-pollination between groups is pretty much *the* value proposition of Twitter. Without being able to scale e.g. hashtags *globally* through the network, I don't really see a lot of chance or even a *point* for Mastodon…)

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