The edge lord, when he noticed that he's getting sucked into the vortex of white supremacy:

users: I get these popups when I turn on my Headphones within range of any of my machines.
Can I disable them? i.e. want to *only* connect to them manually via the device manager. Without having to remove and thus having to re-pair them every time.

@rixx @leah Ich hab da so'n toot von so nem Menschen, dem ich nicht folge in meiner Home-TL. Ohne Indikation, wie der da hin kommt…

First world problems: Bank doesn't let me pay back my student loans without me sending them a bunch of documents… Literally me right now:

Eventual consistency is a euphemism for inconsistency, Exhibit A. Follows: 4. List contains: 9.

How did this thing, by an account I don't follow, end up in my timeline? There is zero indication of that… – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community