@rami Ich bin neugierig ob er auch "die Landeshauptstadt Hamburg/Bremen" sagen würde. And was er mit Berlin anstellt.

The edge lord, when he noticed that he's getting sucked into the vortex of white supremacy:

@reidrac I don't think it's good advice. Though I also don't get mad about it like many other people in the Go community.

@cherti Don't think so. I don't want to have to run some script to connect to a BT device.

@scy The Race For Space von Public Service Broadcasting kennst du? youtube.com/watch?v=hZyLwfrDyj
Remixed space-race transmissions und broadcasts, ziemlich gut IMO

users: I get these popups when I turn on my Headphones within range of any of my machines.
Can I disable them? i.e. want to *only* connect to them manually via the device manager. Without having to remove and thus having to re-pair them every time.

New blog post: Operator Constraints in

I describe four ways to express constraints for operators in generic Go code and the trade-offs involved.


@scy Wo und wann bist du heut so? Sitz hier mit sECuRE hinterm WOC auf den Bierbänken und er war auch überrascht dass du GPN-adjacent bist und würde ggf. Hallo sagen wollen.

@scy Zu meiner Verteidigung, du weißt nicht ob ich das nicht zeitgleich auch gesagt habe =þ

@scy Hab ne Folge 99pi gehört. Fand es relativ frustrierend, weil ich halt nicht sehen konnte, worüber sie sich unterhalten haben (ironisch, ich weiß).

@oa FWIW I never did anything in that space. I'm 100% willing to believe that it's just one of Go's blind spots

@oa Have you seen youtube.com/watch?v=uYrDrMEGu5 ? Just to be sure. I don't know if there's a good text resource for that stuff, I just know that a bunch of stuff in that space happened a couple years back.

Do I have to worry about Linux support when buying a USB Bluetooth dongle?
Anything else to look out for?

The Monkey Island theme is still probably the best game theme I've ever heard. So good.

So… Podcasts? Ideally, ~1h long episodes? Apart from that, whatever, I gave up trying to figure out what I like.

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