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Getting from "link to a toot" to "follow account" is another use case, where the federated nature of mastodon is just… inferior on a technical level :(

First world problems: Bank doesn't let me pay back my student loans without me sending them a bunch of documents… Literally me right now:

I can finally read my mastodon timeline via go with oauth \o/ Complete with Let's Encrypt cert on my laptop in my IPv6 home network, HTTPS redirects and everything. The future is bright.

The mastodon client lib API isn't particularly great, though…

Someone didn't understand what "Details" are… And "we'll just link to this enormous doc-site" isn't appropriate as documentation either.

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I'm somewhat surprised that no one suggested adding a blockchain to mastodon for globally unique usernames yet… (well. I guess someone just did)

Eventual consistency is a euphemism for inconsistency, Exhibit A. Follows: 4. List contains: 9.

How did this thing, by an account I don't follow, end up in my timeline? There is zero indication of that… – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community