Screamed this morning. ☑️
Ate garbage for dinner. ☑️
Crippling Anxiety. ☑️

I am a possum 👌

When you realize you haven't left the house in a week again...

Here's a video I shot with my new drone generator, texture.
OBS studio is fun to use.


ok, the garden is still intact but the protection money apple I left there is gone...

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ok, that's too many layers of wrong to even be able to respond to it adequately.

I thought it was a burglar but it was just a hedgehog eating cat food

Do you remember the time when Amazon was just a bookseller who only destroyed the book market with ruthless and greedy methods?

Was reminded again today that I invested a lot of time, effort and energy to somehow gain a foothold in an artist community. After 10 years of asking I've given up, but it still makes me very, very sad and lonely to think about it...

So... I got this weird idea stuck in my brain recently how fun it would be to have a Mastodon instance for . So I created one and my donkey @timothy is the first citizen of it.

If you also have a stuffed friend with a personality that wants to report on their adventures with you, feel free to get in touch with me about an invite, but understand if it might take a bit to get back to you or if I might have say no due to too much interest.

This is a bit of an experiment for me 😅


Erdogan, NATO, Krieg, Kollaboration 

Erdo erinnert uns, dass es keine "gute" Seite im Krieg gibt. Und dass wir, um unsere eigenen Ärsche vor dem einen Faschisten in Sicherheit zu bringen, selbstverständlich weiter mit anderen Faschisten kollaborieren werden. Dabei lassen wir gerne marginalisierte Gruppen über die Klinge springen und pinkeln beherzt auf die Menschenrechte, für die wir an anderer Stelle Krieg führen lassen.

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