@MissInformation as a parent of a toddler, i can tell you: this is all true

@MissInformation But the rule against pants like that is an objective reality

A minor correction in image description, if I may? 


_Tired_ parent talking to...


@MissInformation Nah, bedtime are based on time, which is a construct.

See your cat? It sleeps in the middle of the day if it feels like to.

Yes. And it is active at sunset.
It is not the hour on our watch that count. It's a biological natural cycle. We sleep at night.
Knowing that, there are differences between humans. Some tend to be active at the end of the day and to sleep late in the morning, others tend to be active staight out of the bed early in the morning and to fall asleep early in the evening.
Kids should (shall?) fall asleep early, so parents can sleep enough to take good care of them 🙃

@lanodan @MissInformation
… and so parents can construct their kids properly 😛

@coq @MissInformation Humans actually have a slightly weird biological clock, we're 24.5h-based rather than 24h-based so if you do not have time cues for your brain you tend to drift.
(and I strongly do drift on an approximately 24.5h-base)

I didn't know 🤔 Do we have a clue why? Is it helpfull… I don't know, maybe to adapt to changes in daylight duration?

@coq @MissInformation :shrug:
I'm pretty sure it just that during evolution humans didn't need biological clocks that were more precise.
(Or we're people from mars)

@lanodan @MissInformation may i raise your awareness to the possibility that the post is a joke, and that the point you're making _is_ the joke?

@malte @MissInformation Hmm it doesn't seems like it was much of a joke to me, I know by experience that some people believe that bedtime is something natural.

@lanodan @malte As a person who works with young children on a daily basis, I can confirm that getting enough sleep - whenever - is an absolute basic need and an essential part of coping with the waking hours. I also think that the comic should be a joke.

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