@MissInformation fucking about with graphics drivers is definitely a black hole, so this checks out

@MissInformation "the ultra massive black hole at the centre of every linux distribution"?

@quincy @MissInformation Just Ubuntu, I think. It's the slowest, speedwise, distro I've used to date.

@MissInformation I use Arch BTW (ok in fact only Manjaro but is a Arch Linux) 馃檭

@MissInformation boah gestern h盲tte ich das Meme brauchen k枚nnen in einem Stream haben wir uns das Schwarzeloch bzw. dessen Aggregationsscheibe angesehen 馃槄

@Ramirezca La configuraci贸n de los controladores de gr谩ficos de Linux se acerca bastante.

@MissInformation I'll be that guy: this meme is backwards since he has perfect vision in this scene, so the glasses would make the picture blurry

@gudenau The joke is that Sagittarius A* runs with Linuy on closer inspection.

@MissInformation But Peter's vision was blurry with the glasses but fine without.

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