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I just used up my entire left data volume to look at spooky memes. My life is very fulfilling

Spooky month started. Time to get all the awesome punkins out 🎃🎃🎃

Guess who just found Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix and is now watching it

Whew guess who just handed in their geography exam and acts calm on the outer side and total nervous on the inside

I see phone advertisement and be like: "ah, yes. Plastic pen"

Whoops, I almost drank some alcohol, wouldn't be the smartest move a bit before an exam

I like my brain cuz it's sometimes like:
... ... ... Yeet.

Friendly reminder to please use something like Red Moon when you're addicted to your phone and have to chat with others before falling asleep.

Playing and somehow I became the answer to every question apparently

ffs Discord page don't just randomly flash white D:

Okay ich hab mir ein Special ausgedacht und jetzt muss ich nur noch alles aufnehmen uwu. Hoffentlich finde ich am Wochenende jetzt dafür Zeit


Busfahrerin: "Wie? Am Kreisverkehr muss man bremsen? Das machen wir jetzt 2 Meter vor dem Kreisverkehr. Ich mach dss jetzt so. Ich. Als Busfahrerin."


Come hang out, cuz you're out of your mind. You're working so damn hard, you're forgetting what you like.

I just received my money and already bought something :3

All of my classmates refuse to listen to my thoughts :(

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