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Okay I gotta admit. Sometimes when I look for free-to-use / cc music I sometimes go and download songs I just genuinely enjoy and then get stuck in finding the perfect song for my use case.

I'm fairly sure that I'm going to work myself to death cuz I just can't seem to stop and sleep for the my own sake what am I doing with my life I'm not even getting anything done yet all I do is work

It's ridiculous how much faster DuckDuckGo is for skimming through a bunch of videos from Youtube. Youtube takes centuries while DuckDuckGo takes less than 200ms

I'm bad at surviving. I told myself that I will make something to eat hours ago and still haven't done that.

Someone explain to me why I decided to use C++

idk where but I somewhere I have a memory leak... halp0

Me: Yeah sure we can work on this c++ project it sounds cool and like fun.
My C++ Knowledge: potato

Pi Status Update: I have no status update. Go away.

Currently busy outside but mhhhh I can't wait to get back home nad suffer some more with raspbian. Anyone offering help please let me know

Mhh I wonder if I can install an up to date Verison of libavutils

Why did I decide to make a raspberry pi thingy? This is going into purgatory let's be real here


I enjoyed the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday :3

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How much I missed Video Editing
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