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Busfahrerin: "Wie? Am Kreisverkehr muss man bremsen? Das machen wir jetzt 2 Meter vor dem Kreisverkehr. Ich mach dss jetzt so. Ich. Als Busfahrerin."

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@dickmandrake and the sticker is actually a Luigi L Sticker
just painted over

Come hang out, cuz you're out of your mind. You're working so damn hard, you're forgetting what you like.

I just received my money and already bought something :3

All of my classmates refuse to listen to my thoughts :(

Harry Potter ytp is a thing that exists, also some jokes turn super dark super quickly

Okay so WhatsApp is saying it's end-to-end encrypted but also saying that they can and will hand out chats to the police if demanded. So how is that supposed to work? Either one of the phones has to send the entire chat to a server unencrypted or the probably more fitting option: the messages aren't end-to-end encrypted

Leude, hab 50 Abos auf meinem Toten Kanal und von 2 Leuten wird ein Special erwartet... help?

@joliyea das ist lustig, weil jedes Stockphoto davon auch Linux sein könnte

the ps5 emulates ps4 games by emulating a ps4 and ps3 games by running an emulator of a ps3 on the ps4 and ps2 games by emulating a ps2 on the ps3 emulator on the ps4 emulator and ps1 games by emulating a ps1 emulator on a ps2 emulator on a ps3 emulator on a ps4 emulator

wtf why am I so fascinated by a simple box design

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