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Option A: sleep
Option B: continue working on that Murmur Admininterface

Why you should hire me: I know plenty of songs I always reference to

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I've tried to work for the last 6 hours and made -10% progress. That's not good considering the deadline is in 3 days

I wonder, is mastodon a good platform for shitposting?

I need to find content I can post on here... I'm out of ideas


@BalooUriza but how is it terrible? e.g. coding on a 16:9 screen seems to me way nicer than on a 4:3 screen especially if you write a lot of one liners and do a lot of tabbing the scale into the width is more important

Animal crossing is my life now. I shall perish while playing it

I wish I could visit a friend without having to take the bus

@BalooUriza But it's so much effort! Taking out the keys, forgetting to take a picture of the layout and cleaning all of them...

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