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prime summer time -> I'm watching a christmas special

oh yeah Github it's very useful to see the commit hash instead of the commit description without expanding anything. Very good! 10/10 design choice!

I need to be careful. My brain reached the point where it's like "Hmmm, I wanna mix my drink a bit more. So I should take this glas and shake it" I'm very scared of accidently soaking my entire desk

is confusing me once again.

for some reason throws an regenerator Error even though this is the same way as described in an issue on async methods D:
"filesChange: async function(files) { ... }"


Javascript be like:
"Hey, can I haz blob?"
*gives blob*
"Here you go!"
"No. I wanted a blob! Not a blob! >:C"

it's 1am why am I starting to vibe and dance to songs now?! Other people are trying to sleep and me is dancing .w.

I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I fell into this hole again

*clicks button*
*data from a STUPID SITE OFFERING NO API gets automatically filled in*

I just took a cold shower and my shirt is hot as hell my headphones are hot as hell why is everything so stupid hot D:

flashback to when we had to have a Gala-Dinner evening in school and every group had to have some kind of theme and my group had the theme "around the world" as we all came from different countries so we had different kind of food and a table with a very cool glowing globe and fancy stars showing the universe and still the group with the stupid chocolate faucet won and all teachers just called our table "very neat" >:C

reading an article called "How to INSERT If Row Does Not Exist (UPSERT) in MySQL" and nowhere gets explained how to insert if row does not exist... the article is betraying me! qwq

is there some kind of Content Warning Wiki? Cuz seeing cw like "USPol" or "mh" without knowing what they mean makes it a bit more risky to open them even though they might be fine for some but they just don't know the meaning

Oh Boy half past midnight! Time to have dreams about demons

Javascript just played me with it's auto type converting.


Wenn ich jemanden mit dem namen "dasbinich" sehe kann ich nicht anders als anzufangen die Lyrics von Rosenstolz - ich bin ich zu zitieren

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