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Heh 2am and I got kicked out of existance

4am is a reasonable time to go to sleep at

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Today more people to follow on Mastodon

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Honey, it's time for breakfast!

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hey hey - hey hey, hey hey sleeping powder

Simple tricks to not draw bodies: Just behead the person you're drawing

trying to figure out drawing male bodies and I come across this. What even is this?!

I just found an empty art block that's nice owo

I know that i've posted this quite often already, but i honestly only ever post it when i really listen to it. Which is almost all the time.

#np Gorillaz - Tranz

Spoiler for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or smtg? 

It is really funny to see everyone stuck in their nightmares and someone aimlessly trying to find the right nightmare :P

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oh wow Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is actually very cool and dark and awesome I enjoy it a lot

why's mastodon a bad place for gay rights?

because there's already a bunch of gay lefts!!!!!!! please laugh

Can someone send me this "Horny" meme where doge is pointing at someone?

my school did it again, they sent out an email to a bunch of private email addresses

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