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And shortly after getting so emotional I get an anxiety spike and immediate panic

Who would have guessed that Chiptune can make me feel so emotional. My eyes are even watering up

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This Week in KDE: In case you thought Plasma wasn't configurable enough, now you get to pick your preferred accent colors too. That is, you can choose the background colors of highlighted menu options or selected items.

The only cross-message systems are Mastodon, Xmpp, Matrix, E-Mail and Sms.

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Trying to give more attention to my other characters, this time a fullbody of my character Zick

#oc #furry #furryart #art #digitalart #artwork #mastoart

Sitting on a bench. Waiting for the car. So that I can dump a bunch of blatt

...I may or may not have started looking for my phone, on which I were scrolling mastodon... In my hands... And then leaving to look for it.... Not finding it...

Okay because it seems like I'm still unable to actually develop things I am going to take it slow and only make data models.

Someone please suggest me good alternative programming languages to nodejs. I'm sick of Javascript and how it is and I'm sick of web development in total

You know what would make me reconsider getting windows 11: If all the filepaths would be changed from backslashes to forwardslashes. It will never happen but it'd be cool.

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