Not deleting your WhatsApp is the 2019 equivalent of telling the Nazis that your neighbors hide people in their basement.


@wildermann why do you think that - and how to switch all the noobs using Whatsapp?

@MrSchizo Because when you use WhatsApp you give your whole address-book to Facebook and Facebook uses this data to build shadow-profiles of them (without their consent). This kind of meta data can quite effectively reveal their religion/political opinion/sexual orientation e.g. and this information can be quite dangerous for many people, if revealed publicly (or to law enforcement).

It's equivalent because you harm people without bad intentions in both cases.


@wildermann @wildermann you are absolutely right - but since Whatsapp became kind of standard and no one really seems to care about privacy anymore this will be a very difficult project. I‘m very interested in what they do in France with their matrix system. Maybe this will become a real alternative spread around the world

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