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Since it was surprising to me that 127.257 and 2130706433 are pingable addresses, I wrote up my findings and a short explanations for people unfamiliar with how IPv4 addresses look under the hood:

Good morning fediverse, it's ( in German, which sounds even more celebrational), and to this occasion, I will present you the best subreddit of the whole internet:

Omg my dad just texted me to remind me of something extremely important:

Today is Wotan's birthday! πŸŽ‰
He is 3 years old today!
And I think at this point, Wotan has earned some birthday boosts :Wotan_shocked: :wotan:

http status misuse, did u kno 

this pre-commit hook has saved my butt so many times

Anyone in Germany who can order from with discount? We will likely order parts there but our account does not get a discount. Same for Mouser.

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