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we can't afford to win, we need to put the money towards more important things: like funding a Moominland, that would be very nice thanks #Eurovision2019

(I'm just using the bunny's barcode as a dummy patient id, no syringes full of chocolate involved)

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Monopoly strat:

I just realized that if nobody buys property, you can just keep going around the board collecting 200 dollars until the bank crumbles.

i’m here to drink tea and program a driver and i’m all out of tea which means i’m going to make some tea

In case you missed it, you can follow people across the Fediverse even if you're using a different kind of site.

For example, here's a PixelFed account:

@earth's a PeerTube account...

@documentaries's a WriteFreely account...

@carbontwelve's a Plume account...

@PlumeDev's a Friendica account...


...and you can follow all of them from Mastodon.

Just click on the @ link to see their profile, and then click on Follow.

#Fediverse #Federation

YOU GUYS THE DRAGON PATTERN WORKS. Gonna tweak the neck just a smidge, but for the most part it's done.

Made entirely on an embroidery machine, in the 4x4" hoop (i.e. a size even the smallest embroidery machine can handle).

It's just a little over 3" tall, a little over 5" long. I'll put a picture of it with my hand for scale next.

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