Art project idea:
"Gendered" bathrooms with e-paper signs that change to different arbitrary symbols every day.

Symbol pairs will be chosen so that each day most people will manage to fit in but each day someone else would actually prefer a third/forth/fifth option.

Examples: Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Apples vs. Bananas, Vim vs. Emacs, Triangles vs. Squares, Coffee vs. Tea, …
you get the idea…

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"Star Wars vs Star Trek"

What if I'm outside of that binary and prefer Stargate? :blobcheeky:

@Jo that's the idea! Out-of-the-binary experiences for everyone^^

@Nervengift there is a birdsite bot that generates random gendered bathrooms iirc

@Nervengift e-ink display with a control service on a routable IP address

@BalooUriza while you could have worded that concern a bit nicer, thanks for the hint. I'll keep it in mind if I actually realize this idea some time

@Nervengift Sorry, don't know what's wrong with me today, it's like I'm mostly salt and snark.

@Nervengift Ever thought about printing those signes for congress? A quick and easy poc.

@franzt still thinking about the options for accessibility. But yes, I was thinking about plotted/printed/engraved prototypes

@Nervengift ein grosses WC (A4) mit Bild darunter währe meine vorschlag.

@Nervengift ah so star trek bananas vim triangles tea bathrooms are for the cultured gender folk and the other is for peasants

@Nervengift The fun part is when someone (say, me) comes up and goes, say, "Hmm. I use and really like both vim and emacs...which bathroom do I use?" then stands there for 10 minutes trying to figure it out before giving up and finding a bathroom elsewhere

@Nervengift alternative idea:
two random characters from a random unicode block, bonus points if sometimes it does the broken character symbol
(also motion detection to change/swap it when no one's around, and when someone enters/exits for extra confusion)

@Nervengift Not that it'll confuse the hell out of people coming out of them as it changes.

@Nervengift I feel like this is especially perfect for single-toilet bathrooms where you're like "why would anyone ever think this needed to be gendered?"

And also, even if visually impaired people can't appreciate the visual joke, the whole point is "it doesn't matter which bathroom you use" so it's not like you're preventing anyone from accessing the toilet.

@Nervengift leave it up for a week and collect statistics like on average emacs people tend to flush more or cat people leave the place cleaner, could be fun

@dragon great, then I'll have to let people sign GDPR forms for pooping :D

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