Backgrounds from make wonderful wallpapers (I may or may not have a zip file with a few more lying around if someone's interested)

Ziehe in die Großstadt und dann ist hier erstmal Schützenfest. Ok.

Best thing about the new flat: the wallpaper in the guest bathroom 🌹🌹🌹

Quick late night project in between all the prepararions for moving: internet of cats proof of concept

The full I-want-in-I-want-out-πŸ”„ experience every night and it's not even my cat

When watching you should pause whenever you see text. The backgrounds in this show are wunderful.

Sowas kennt die Jugend von Heuteβ„’ ja garnicht mehr ☎

Your regular reminder to do backups:
The person who owned this USB drive saved years of their work on it without any backup. They will probably be quite happy I managed to replace the quartz crystal and revive it :)

Had totally forgotten that this glowy boi was on its way to me (also PCBs for a related project)

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