Modded my x270: Now I can charge it via USB-C and still have the built-in USB-C port available for other stuff.

It’s this mod by mikepdiy:
(It fits perfectly fine, the gap is from my broken bottom cover.)


@vidister I can also totally recommend this for even older ThinkPads, I modded my X220 with the same kit

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@NikTheDusky @vidister this is heresy! a thinkpad deserves a barrel jack, not a flimsy phone connector.

@discordia I wouldn't call that flimsy, the new connector is acutally mechanically more stable than the old one. Also, current notebooks have moved on, and I don't want to carry an additional power supply when I decide to carry my X220, as every other device of mine has USB-C jacks, including my work and private notebook.

@NikTheDusky one of my old notebooks died, partially because it charged over usb c, the connector was soldered on and it broke. and just because "the world has moved on" doesn't mean it's a good idea to move on. a good power connector is one a notebook can fall on with it plugged in and both the notebook and the psu will be fine. usb c may be more convenient because you only need one charger but if you have a big enough battery, which it looks like you do, you shouldn't need to carry a charger at all.

@discordia Okay, repairability is a point, I can't say anything against that. SMD mounted connectors without external stabilization are prone to break and a pain to fix, jacks in old Thinkpads are available as drop-in replacements with an internal connector.

Dedicated power connectors may be more mechanically stable, but if every device I carry had a dedicated power supply, I'd carry a lot of them. A unified connector and power protocol were merely a dream 10 years ago, and now they're real.

@discordia The big battery pack holds a charge for about 3-4 hours, mainly because it has lost more than 30% of its capacity already, which... isn't a lot. :D

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