Why haven't "buying clubs" become more common with internet?

For example, 100 cat owners could join together, approach different cat food providers and bargain a discount through joint-purchasing.

My guess is that the venture capital model makes us only think in terms of what works as a capitalist firm.

Ventures like buying clubs make more sense as #coops or mutuals. The largest hardware store chain (Ace Hardware) and carpet flooring firm (CCA Global) in the US are both purchasing coops.


I remembered quite a few online buying clubs in Germany around 2002-2005. Some electronics, some clothing labels, some early china gadgets. They had problems finding matches between products and buyers in the long term. Most customers wanted quicker delivery and the small bargain could not compensate. Your cat food example would work better, because of the steady supply demand. Some of the clubs I mentioned ended up in crowdfunding platforms.

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