@tibike not to mention all the other obsolete stuff. allthough I know folks who still use fax machines (our pharmacy) and photo cameras (our elderly friend)

@SaniTea also don't get too carried away because we still use the Diskettes as the save icon, the recycle bin is a direct analogue to the garbage bin, the Desktop to a physical Desk Top etc.
Most of these are used because they carry a specific functionality over not because people use them now, but because people used them before and they were pretty much specialised for that thing


@tibike my colleague overheard a remark about a diskette on a table: "oh look, how cool! somebody made a 3D model of a save icon!" 🙄 kids these days...

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@SaniTea I heard this so many times but It kind of like illustrates how fast technology is moving that many haven't even seen a diskette

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