Pre planting inspection of the land today: top layer moist, just below that dry enough for our fairly lightweight tractor, plus lots of worms judging by the tiny holes in the soil. Perfect for planting next week!

Private musician at the bus stop in . I love this town ❀️

-5Β° and foggy. Ideal weather for 2-3 hours of standing still in the orchard for pruning instructions

Been walking in Twente today. Rainy, windy, beautiful β˜”

We're making two typical Dutch dishes today. Balkenbrij (buckwheat with lots of herbs and spices), which will be consumed later on, and for tonight Hutspot (potatoes, onions and carrots mashed together).

That was nice. Butternut pumpkin, sweet potato, red and white onions, lambs lettuce, and garlic, baked in coconut butter 😎

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