Ich hätte kein anderen Brand erwartet, in einer Powerbank, die ich auf dem erworben habe! XD

@SebiPanther 9800mAh in einer 18650? Ist das nicht etwas sehr optimistisch?

@uint8_t @SebiPanther oof lol
we remember reading someone posting that no 18650 actually has a capacity over 3000 mAh and that any claiming at or near that is lying

@diodelass @SebiPanther correct
Maybe a single-use lithium cell has that much capacity if fully discharged but no rechargeable chemistry (as of 2019) can do it

@diodelass @SebiPanther I figured! It has an RTG inside with Polonium-210 or Plutonium-2 38 fuel.

@uint8_t @diodelass Or its just the fault of the intern, as always ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(Besides: The awesome guys who repurposed the vending machine to sell such stuff at the Camp are not guilty at all - they are maybe guilty for this nice hidden joke ;) )

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