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Family, trauma, covid, religion 

How did a family that was only catholic on paper stuff me full with this much unfounded guilt over normal human signs of affection and care

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Family, trauma, covid 

A pandemic is the perfect time to find out your family has done intense damage to now-vital parts of your psyche... right?

covid spread, students 

This body count reflects Republican v Democrat policies.
It also shows that the early propaganda that youths will be fine and good (so they could keep working) is hard to overthrow. The effectiveness of that propaganda is upsetting as hell.

Masks exemplify a very small part of what the center/right politics in America oppose, as they sacrifice a small individual choice (face coverage) in favor of mass safety. This is a political stance- wearing a mask says that you value the community over the individual.

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All of this is to say: I totally get why you'd phrase it as "not political" in order to win over center/right individuals. It's a decent strategy. But to be clear- the politics of leftism are explicitly *about* mass safety & care. The politics of the center/right are not.

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Pictured: The very moment I was sold on Hannah Gadsby's latest comedy special on Netflix

Does anyone know if there are people who make custom cosplay outfits as commissions?

OH: "you can take the techbro out of silicon valley, but you can't take silicon valley out of the techbro"

WTF?! "Landeshauptstadt Dresden erteilt die Ausnahmegenehmigung mit Verweis auf die einzuhaltenden Auflagen" für Pegida am 20.04. am scheiß Hitler-Geburtstag.

UkPol, Zoom 

So apparently the UK parliament is going to be using Zoom, why would they do this...?


so if I wanted to learn coding with no pre-knowledge (I do have pre-knowledge but explaining it would take ages and it wasn't *a language*)

Where would I start?

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Us germans really like our dairy because we have the alps and everybody knows that you need to milk mountains to get milk.

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