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Hi, I'm Niklas! I live in , Germany and work as a software developer in medical IT.

My main programming language is . I believe in the power of and try to contribute as often as I can.

I my free time, I volunteer for the German as a paramedic. I like to go outside, take a and enjoy . I enjoy (both the US kind 🏈 and the rest of the world kind ⚽ ).

I'm also very interested and/or highly frustrated by

Quick reminder: If you're feeling down, it's always an option to browse r/HappyCowGifs 🐮 🐄 ☘️

Triff mich, wie ich das 5. Mal in Folge Bärlauch-Pesto esse und nichts bereue! 🍝 🍃

Congstar hat jetzt einen Handy-Tarif, der sich "Fair Flat" nennt und je nach verbrauchtem Datenvolumen unterschiedlich viel Gebühren kostet. Also genau das, was eine flat rate nicht ist. Der Begriff flat [rate] hat also anscheinend jegliche Bedeutung verloren. 🤷‍♂️

Jetzt geht's seit Ewigkeiten mal wieder zum Sanitätsdienst beim SC Freiburg. ⚽🚑

Shoutout to Jesus for literally dying so we can enjoy 4 days off*!

* experience may differ depending on your location and/or profession.

Any -friends who have experience with managing dependencies with pip-tools? I'm looking into it and would love to be able to chat with someone!

There is now a very(!) experimental service to get your own @beetlesbot avatars like robohash or identicon: or call if you want a background.
Thanks to to ping me again with this nice idea!

Battlebeast were hands down one of the best live bands I've ever seen. has amazing stage presence, an unbelievable voice and so much energy. Plus they have a keytar! 😍 Thanks for a great evening

Off to🇨🇭to see 🤘🤘🤘

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