Monetization concepts are 🤬. pretalx is a cool product, and I want it to be affordable for small confs, but also have income via the larger/well-funded events, and there is just no metric for this. # of submissions/talks/days/rooms are horrible measures. If you have any ideas …

@rixx how about ticket prices? (Idea is that community events have cheaper tickets then well funded business events)

@Balu Yeah, I'd really like to play with ticket price * attendee, but first off ticket prices are often more complex than that, and they're mostly not fixed yet when people start building their CfP.


@rixx @Balu Is it possible to run a scheme that depends on ticket prices and number of attendees where the conf pays after the event?

@SevenOfNein @Balu @Balu It's not really practical – currently, you can only open your CfP to the public once you have paid (or at least gotten an invoice). Paying after the event would add a lot of maintenance/bookkeeping burden on my side.

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