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🛡️ Call for mobilization to defend the practice of Self-Hosting 🛡️

@LaQuadrature published an article regarding the future European regulation. Under the pretext of fighting online terrorist radicalization, it will impose unrealistic censorship obligations on *all* Internet actors.

The intent is explicitly to destroy internet decentralization.

If you are using YunoHost, you probably run services which are open to the public and hence are affected by this regulation.

@Tutanota have you guys published any info about your back end infrastructure? Likes where its hosted, the hardware, who handles it etc. I would love to know about this as I am sure many are.

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@fdroidorg We have to thank you all for the hard work you put into offering all of us a great alternative to Google Play! 👏

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@fdroidorg it would be cool if fdroid has a app list import/export feature. An option that lets you export the list of apps installed from fdroid and their versions in an XML format or something. This will be helpful for people who move devices a lot. Is there something like this planned?

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If you missed it yesterday: @nicoalt has written a proposal for integrating #fdroid packages with #mastodon/#activitypub! The best thing about this proposal? It could in the future power comments and popularity of apps in F-Droid. 😍

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Tusky, what a pleasure....

When an Android app is <5mb and this functional, you know it's a well written app :)

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@judeswae I believe MIT has their own instance; hold on... here:

Other than that I can't recall any other org-owned instances for now. There are accounts though:

- the Yale Privacy Lab: @privacylab

- also the graphics programs @Krita and @inkscape ...

- the EFF:

I'll let you know if/when others come to mind...

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We have another #Librem5 progress report for everyone.

"Designing the scope of the Librem 5’s communication apps" by @feeef, our Director of Creative

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Woohoo, our completely rebuilt Android app is out! We couldn't be more excited to share this update with you as the app is much faster, looks nicer, comes with 2FA, a darktheme and many more features! 😁 Oh, and before you ask: Yes, as suggested by you folks it's also available as apk download. We won't force anyone to use Google. 😉

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@dhanesh95 @Solus @Tutanota

I don't use the Play Store either. Could you offer a direct download for the beta?
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Some people, like to take drugs, base jump, parachute, drive fast cars...

I like to every now and then break production servers :)

During a mariadb update for some reason a database got corrupt, badly. I had to force_recovery to 4, dump all dbs, reinstall and recover all of them. Before that, because I dont like restoring and rather want to fix the issue I spent some time trying different things which failed. Out of stress I realized I'm also restoring test databases (which are even bigger then production ones for not reason as i dont even use them) just to make the process take a bit longer. I feel like I came back home from a good rave and the caffeine is still keeping me awake.

That said I now know what to do so I wont panic next time innodb corruption occurs on my watch.

@disroot could you guys make kickass the default search engine for files on the searx instance?

How does @fdroidorg manage to provide such high quality libre service? Running build servers, mirrors won't be cheap.

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Edward R. Murrow: A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

@fdroidorg I really want fdroid to show app changelogs

@ashfurrow what are the specs of your droplet on DO? – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community