This is the internet i love!
You got fucked by a big American Company? No problem!
Now live on:

@SpaceGeek a big win provided by the CCC.

Never trust a silo.

@TheGibson @SpaceGeek that's so neat! Too bad I can't get this to work with VLC x3

@polychrome @TheGibson @SpaceGeek You should be able to?

this SHOULD work at 11 am tommorrow:

from here:

(bottom of the page, direct links)

Now, it doesnt' work NOW, but then, there is no stream. I'm the only person in the studio and that's only because I tried to sleep here and THAT IS NOT HAPPENING so I am going to go home in a bit when the train comes and sleep at HOME.

ircnet, #revision, if nothing else works.

@Truck @polychrome @TheGibson @SpaceGeek One of the four direct links worked for me in MPV. Probably works in VLC too?? Maybe?

@Truck @polychrome @TheGibson @SpaceGeek (idk which one and can't check now, since there is no stream to check with. sorr.)

@SpaceGeek not only is it back up, it's up in higher quality with more viewers

@ben probably because the CCC has an event to stream this weekend anyway and many people use that website to find the streams, so you got visitors.

@tokudan I feel like the streissand effect is also part of it

because I wouldn't have even known about this stream if Twitch hadn't inexplicably banned them with no stated reason

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