Ok boards are placed πŸ˜€
It's so much more fun than using only tweezers!
Not even a single components went flying! But this is also thanks to the SMD magazines, which are awesome!
I didn't record anything, but you can check out @robin7331@twitter.com's livestream

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You can add a second foot pedal to control the pump or connect to things like iBOM.
But after nearly an hour, I give up on getting the iBOM Kicad plugin to work πŸ˜”
So I won't test the second foot pedal for now. I will try that feature again later with a different computer.

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I'm also lucky to be testing @robin7331@twitter.com's upcoming V2 SMD magazines. I've filled and labeled them now.
(The 2 on the right are v1 magazines I 3D printed earlier. You can find them here thingiverse.com/thing:3952021)

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Today I'll be using/testing my Pixel Pump for the first time! (I'm so excited!!!)
@robin7331@twitter.com was nice enough to supply me with a beta unit.
You can learn more about it here:

If we would move our store to a different platform/website you would...

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I appreciate this project: "esp8266_deather" by @spacehuhn@twitter.com (computer science student). If you have ESP8266 Arduino Let's get it ! You can "hack" smartphones with it. 😜
Scan for WiFi devices.

πŸ“„ Projects : Huhnitor, DuckWIFI and Deauther

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/DavidCretois/statu

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Nothing is more punk than being self-determined and respecting the self-determination of others.

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Cyber City Business Tip: People keep talking about 'Creating New Industry' and 'Creating a Skilled Workforce'. It's easy.

If you teach people to make things, they will start making things. So, teach people to make things.

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.@Arduino@twitter.com libraries I'm thinking about writing. Please vote on which one is the most useful to you.

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Making an sketch for the with @spacehuhn@twitter.com which:

β¦Ώ Connects to a Wi-Fi access point & acts as a network extender/honeypot AP with internet connection
β¦Ώ Offers a honeypot FTP server
β¦Ώ Triggers a @ThinkstCanary@twitter.com token when FTP is accessed

All in a $3 device!

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I just recorded, edited and uploaded an entire video. I'm very happy on how it turned out but then I noticed how pixelated it was. Turns out that OBS had the video output resolution at 720p by default. Great...

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Cyber City Business Tip: It’s easy to be idealistic in the beginning. It’s easy to give up those ideals when it starts getting hard. Don’t. Your business was built on those ideals in the beginning and that’s what got you to the hard part. They will carry you further. twitter.com/makeaugusta/status

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Short rant: There are people who are like, "you shouldn't be in infosec if you can't remember [some obscure terminal command that nobody really ever uses]."

Those people suck. Ignore them. Knowing how to find an answer in a billion search results is a valuable skill.

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I am seeking for early adopters of the V2 SMD Magazines. Looking for constructive feedback and this also gives me a little extra funding for the final steps of the Pixel Pump project.

If you are interested in purchasing a few V2 magazines please DM me. πŸ‘‹

RT's appreciated πŸ™

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πŸ“Ί Deauthing 5GHz WiFi using mdk4 & aircrack-ng


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