Wie ein Kind,
suche ich Mich im Wald.
Zum Glück, noch verloren.

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I want zines, and scenes.
I want sneakernets, encrypted and online.
I want the flagrant disregard of intellectual property.
I want the death of Surveillance Capitalism and the rebirth of unfettered Derivative Arts.
I want the Small-Web and Big-Culture.
I want Peer-to-Peer to mean what it says.
I want Open-Source to be the Source of Openness, Acceptance and Inclusiveness.
And whilst what I want may be of no account,
what _we_ want, may be! Maybe.

Ich mache mir keine gedanken um Impfausweise oder Genesene-Ausweise.

Das laüft über die EU - dann sind wir längst bei Ebola bis ein Corona Pass fertig ist.

I make my favourite Chilli-sin-Carne with...

Haftung für Software-Hersteller. Jetzt!

The Chaos Computer Club's suggestion at the Expert's Hearing, that software companies should be held more accountable for their products seems even better in light of the current hacks.

We might then see some in-house quality control, instead of the current cycle of:

1. Release.

2. Hope the White Hats tell you it is broken before the Black Hats realise it is.

3. Wait until the wheels fall off and then patch after thousands are Pwned.

pol. Universal Basic Income. 

The countdown is running on the European Citizens Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income.


The Corona Pandemic has shown us the cracks in the current system. Cracks through which many are slipping.

1 million signatures and quorum reached in at least 7 EU countries by 25.12.21 is the aim.

Thank you for your time.

All privacy concerns aside, If I wanted Opinions™ at 150 Baud I'd join a Retrocomputing BBS.


I really feel that of all the challenges and decisions facing the President of the USA, considering an executive order rezoning golf courses to building land for social housing should be a priority!

Nach dem Cox Urteil frage ich mich wer als Nächstes dran ist in diese verrückt gewordene Rentier-Ökonomie.

I spent the afternoon watching Rex Krueger videos and consider that time well spent.

I need an ad-blocker blocker blocker.

But do keep an eye on what you are sending to RF.

Don't send them all your password hashes and remember that IP-Addresses can be PII.

Best maybe, to keep the extension disabled in Browser settings and only turn it on when doing very specific jobs.

Used properly, it is a pretty neat little tool.


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Providing context is what this tool is all about.

That aids sorting and prioritization and, in turn, lowers response time.

IMO it could be worse in design, it is sending a minimum of data to the mother ship with as little context as possible out and getting as much context as possible back.

Using it commercially it would be best to run it by Legal because under the terms and conditions , for example, RF can add you to a list of "customers" for advertising purposes.


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