UKpol, Led by Donkeys 

Led by Donkeys has a nice interactive site on the subject of the latest UK Mini Budget.


The "narrow path" that the UKgov has to walk back to financial stability could have been a lot wider with support from the EU.

If you are looking for a bit of a sci-fi romp to cheer you up, you could do worse than to join Cpt. Eva Innocente and the crew of La Sirena Negra in Valerie Valdes' books.

It's more Space Operetta than Space Opera, but the characters and story are fun.

I'm trying to work out how to have a boat and tiny caravan, but no car.

Unfortunately, car sharing seems tuned to City Singles and the occasional shopping trip. Few vehicles (if any) with tow hooks, no roof racks etc.

So I came across this reference to Solanoy Gorodok and what seems to be the the earliest reference to a makerspace (1906) that I've read. Does anyone have any information, maybe with alternative spellings?

I'm curious, how many bikes or trikes do you own?

Book review in the Tribune Magazine, thought I'd post a link 'cos the LGBTQIA+ community (and allies) seem well represented here.

"Queer Spaces, edited by Adam Nathaniel Furman and Joshua Mardell, is an atlas of LGBTQIA+ places and stories, un-flattened, with exuberant holographic type on its cover, held together by queer struggle and joy."

Also, everyone should read the Tribune ;)

The Monarchy is a symbol for the Status Quo.

When the media spends hours and hours uncritically blathering on about the institution it strengthens this role, and it strengthens the Status Quo.

The problem being, that for many the Status Quo is no longer an option. The environmental, societal and individual economic consequences are too high.

After the plectra, I made another thing.

A stand for my uke.

poplar ply, leather hinge industrial felt tie.

Has anyone got exprience of printing on to industrial felt?

I made myself some plectra from 3mm industrial felt for my Ukulele.

They sound great, but look boring.

The most interesting discovery that I've made about security (in its broadest sense) is that it can help you avoid feeling bad, but is incapable of making you happy.

I needed a long time for this epiphany, I hope that you don't.

Today I deleted at least 10 Answers to people on the Fediverse before sending them. I feel that this was a win-win situation for all of us.

Dear friends, I'd like to call for a "Moratorium on 'Leadership'".

Basically, our glorious leaders keep messing it up and I feel that we are perfectly capable of messing things up all on our own.

After talking to friend about Rebecca Solnit's "A Paradise built in Hell". I thought I'd like to read something uplifting again. Maybe Barbara Ehrenreich's "Dancing in the Streets".

Given the two titles above has anyone any other suggestions?

TIL: that Cura has a performance feature "Filter tiny gaps" that leaves holes in small pointy objects.

I find it fascinating that anything I print gets printed – as a rule – twice.

Once to analyse the outcome and tweak settings and one final print.

It used to be that I had to print three times, but nowadays, I can just analyse the path in the slicer to get rid of the worst problems.

I wonder if there's anything like a "Lint" for gcode, that analyses and advises before you print?

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