Google Analytics illegal? Austrian court ruling raises questions whether EU companies can continue to use cloud services owned by US companies 10 days remain and we just need 230 donations/contributions ($10+) to hit our goal by Nov. 19th. If you have been waiting to support, now is your time. Thank you! #shareandsupport #thankyou

: sind für zur

Die Grünen wollen es der ermöglichen, "technische Geräte anhand einer rechtsstaatlich ausgestalteten Quellen-TKÜ zielgerichtet zu infiltrieren".​

Kritische Infrastrukturen sind der BVG egal, Blogpost hier:

Für das Video haben wir die "is mir egal" Kampagne benutzt... seht selbst:

Featuring HonkHase made by @ijon

The Politics of Everybody by Holly Lewis 

Finished the introduction. Just wanted to share a quick excerpt:

“Solidarity with queer, trans, and intersex people is non-negotiable when it comes to the international solidarity of the working class.”

It’s that’s simple.

will not be extradited. Wow good Start. Lets hope the appeal does nicht change. And that assagne will be free asap.

Vor einiger Zeit habe ich berichtet, dass das CERN sämtliche Microsoftprodukte über Bord werfen will. Hintergrund war der Verlust des Status als “akademische Institution” und der Impuls zu der Aktion folglich ein monetärer. Es wurden auch noch weitere Beweggründe geliefert

Day 3 baby; "no bird-site, no cryyyyy..."

Today I'm going to share a great one from the late Dave Graeber that you'll want to save for the folks in your life who watch PragerU videos, or read the Economist, and think they have it all figured out.

Peasant rhetoric is best rhetoric - forgive student debt now!

Thought about flashing a Custom ROM such as on your phone or getting rid of ? I will try to show the necessary steps, tools, knowledge to get started.

Join our room December 30th, 16:30 (GMT+1):

Heute war ein guten Congress Tag, hab mit leuten in der 2d Welt geredet. Debian installiert und warte jetzt auf den Talk. Was macht ihr so auf dem ?

🎄🎄 Join your #fediverse friends for #AFediverseChristmas!! 🎄🎄

How are you celebrating #Christmas this year? Whether its at home, abroad, with family or behind a screen, you know that the fediverse is always online! Join us for a nice chat!

We've set up a Christmas room on Go to and create an account. See you there!! 🎉🎅

I saw a toot a while ago to organize an online #christmas thing with the #fediverse and I love that idea! Are we doing anything with it??

That Zoom shut down accounts and calls where people were talking about Tiananmen Square is bad enough. But you need to understand the subtext: Zoom says that their calls are encrypted and private, and yet they can monitor them.

Those two things are mutually exclusive. This entire video chat system is built on a foundation of lies and backdoors.


"AIR-FI: Generating Covert Wi-Fi Signals from Air-Gapped Computers" They use DDR RAM to generate a 2.4GHz signal... next time, you think that an air-gapped computer cannot generate signals. #sigint #tempest


Did you forget to get a ticket to the #CCC #RC3 #Congress event this year? If you'd like another chance to get a ticket, you can request one now. The queue looks long, but the line moves pretty quickly.

Words matter, also in CS.

Let's always use the best ones, and replace those with a bad connotation.

If someone suggests that you should deploy ETS instead of TLS 1.3, they are selling you snake oil and you should run in the other direction as fast as you can

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