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If someone suggests that you should deploy ETS instead of TLS 1.3, they are selling you snake oil and you should run in the other direction as fast as you can eff.org/deeplinks/2019/02/ets-

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"anti-vaxxers currently getting a demo of a vaccine free world."

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uspol coronavirus Drumpf 

"The Georgia Republican congressman Doug Collins followed Paul Gosar of Arizona in announcing that he was also self-quarantining, after it emerged he had been in contact with the infected person at CPAC.

Collins accompanied Trump in a tour of CDC headquarters in Atlanta on Friday."

Source: theguardian.com/world/2020/mar
And now we wait...

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Bildung, so wichtig!

Stochastischer Terrorismus - ein Schnellkurs


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Gedanken-gesteuerte Musik 😍
"Hacking my arm prosthesis to output CV so that it plugs into my synth: Thought-controlled music!" [Video on Invidious]


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Farm Hack. A worldwide community of farmers that build and modify their own tools farmhack.org

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Some advice for anyone experiencing (heavy) surveilliance:

Do you know tails? Many of us use it, and it was what snowden used to communicate (keeping him hidden and safe)

Its a live operating system focused on privacy, anonymity and easy to use.

Even if you're not tech savy, you will be capable of using it, promise!

Here some basics how it works:

- it will be installed on a USB or DVD
- nothing will be installed on the computer so you can use it on kind of any computer
- every internet connection is routed through tor (an anonymizing service, that is actually much more then that)
- webbrowser can only access one specific folder, protecting your system from browser vulnerability
- once you shut down tails, it makes shure to leave no/as little as possible trace on the computer you used. It does so by overwriting RAM.
- it comes with strong encryption to permanently store data on your usb
- it comes with basic tools for secure communication
- easy to install

stay safe, use #tails (or anything similiar)

more info here:

#anonymity #tor #linux

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Some Google employees made a website. I would summarize their three objections as follows:

1) helping out border patrol and immigration with data
2) helping the fossil fuel industry with machine learning
3) doing (and publicly asking for more) mercenary work

I think these are also valid reasons to leave Google as a customer.


#google #deletegoogle

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Emerging from the inky void, like something out of a straight-to-video 1980s schlock horror movie with excessive tomato ketchup is #DarkMessenger version 1.4.0

Downloadable at freedombone.net/downloads/darkmessenger on all disreputable Android devices.

Dark Messenger is a version of the popular Conversations #XMPP app, but dedicated to using #onion addresses via an onion XMPP server. It makes opsec snafus extremely difficult to pull off, because everything is set up properly from the outset. Wave a kitschy goodbye to having to deal with complicated settings buried two levels deep under "Advanced". It also doesn't enforce TLS, since the onionspace doesn't really need that.

Bitte Teilen: Rettet Hamburgs Wälder... darum haben wir heute diese Bäume in zentraler Lage erklommen!

Rettet Hamburgs Wälder... darum haben wir heute diese Bäume in zentraler Lage erklommen!

Und wir werden immer weiter, immer wieder besetzen, bis die Herrschenden aufhören, unser aller Zukunft für kurzfristige Profitinteressen weiter abzuholzen.

nitter.net/BaumeTanzende nitter.net/GruneSprosse nitter.net/allewaelderble1

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Wikileaks Vault7 Protego

Harry Potter and the Not-So-Smart Proxy War
Taking a look at a covert CIA virtual fencing solution

A great talk at 36c3 by Jos Wetzels



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"#Google, #Microsoft, and #Amazon have been very vocal about their efforts to reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels. But as The Wall Street Journal and Gizmodo have reported, these same companies are currently teaming up with fossil fuel industry to help them squeeze as much oil and gas out of the ground as possible."



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