Searches for “How to monitor employees working from home” increased 1,705% in April 2020 compared to 2019.

Employers didn’t have to look far for the answer, as Microsoft Office 365 suite had everything to monitor employees at home.

Read our research:

Oops, I accidentally sat on my TV remote and it said "A temporary issue has occurred while connecting to the server. Please try again later. (6003)"

I love OpenLGTV and Pi-Hole (with StevenBlack's blocklist) ❤️

Discord's "it's your lucky day, there's a new version" dialog is actually means "welp, guess I'm not logging in today" to NixOS users.

"Teams, Onedrive en Sharepoint onveilig voor Rijk en onderwijs"

A Dutch data protection impact assessment concluded that the government & education sector can not use online Microsoft services for any personal or sensitive data.

Kritik am hohen Stromverbrauch von LED-Werbedisplays

Ein solches Display verbraucht etwa so viel Strom wie zehn Single-Haushalte. Dazu kommt die Lichtverschmutzung. Also: Ausschalten die Dinger! Zumindest nachts.

And before you ask: they've explicitly disallowed using a PO Box.

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Fun fact: Google Play requires publishing your address if you sell any apps.

If you don't have an office, that means your home address.

Obviously, that kind of stuff puts small devs, especially those in minorities, at risk of violence.

Google, of course, doesn't care.

That people say RSS is incompatible with an 'advertising driven' model of the Web is just more reason to kill advertising off.

"But advertising is fundamental to the web as it exists now!"

Have you seen the web as it exists now?

🍪Following a first batch of complaints in May 2021, we filed the final round of "One Trust" complaints today. Despite receiving a step-by-step guide on how to be GDPR compliant, 226 websites still used deceptive designs and unlawful cookie banners:

LineageOS 19.1:

Open camera app ( no QR code scanning
Open QR scanner Tile ( QR code scanning

I really don't understand why the same camera app has a scanning and non-scanning mode. Is this a LineageOS thing? An upstream Android thing? The package name implies upstream.

Why not just make the camera always scan QR codes like Apple does it so people will finally stop downloading QR scanner malware from GPlay?

I am genuinely so confused.

Absolutely, @SylvieLorxu!
And it's also worth mentioning that the instructions for flashing the robots are really good - and even a talent-free person like me can follow them successfully without breaking anything :mastogrin:
And once #Valetudo is running, controlling and programming the robot is pretty straightforward - from any browser in your local WiFi 🤖

Well, Avast finally responded after I yelled at them on Twitter (what the hell is their reporting form for if they don't respond to that) claiming Catima 2.18.1 was cleanlisted on July 26 (which was over a week BEFORE I got the first report).

Weird story so far...

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It would be great if Avast could respond to their main product failing a bit faster. Half a week and still waiting...

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climate change and class 

I'm glad to see the visibility around private jets recently. Climate change is a class problem. When you think of climate change, think of the billionaires and corporations shoveling their trash into your mouth.

6 days after submitting, Google has finally approved Catima 2.18.2 for Open Testing. Tomorrow I'll submit it for Production, which means a new approval process. Hopefully it'll go quicker this time.

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Honestly getting pretty annoyed Avast is taking more than 24 hours to respond to a false positive report...

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Google is yet again taking longer to review a Catima update than it takes F-Droid to detect the update, build it from source and publish it.

Monkeypox is NOT a gay disease.

We also should avoid saying it is "spreading in the gay community", because it is a misleading oversimplification.

Monkeypox, from the data we have now, seems to mostly spread through intimacy (but also sometimes through air!)

Just because gay people tend to have more sexual encounters, does not mean straight people on Tinder aren't just as vulnerable.

Call it what it is: "a disease commonly spread through intimacy, sometimes through air".

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