I really wish Fairphone's customer support wasn't this abysmal. Everything about the brand is worth supporting, but customer support has only been getting worse by the day.

Average of 2 weeks or more response time, often problems don't get resolved properly, etc.

It's been known for years, it's the #1 complaint both on and off their official forums, but no noticeable improvement is made.

It's a shame, because this could be a phone for the masses, but the masses need proper support.

I should add to this that support is mostly kind and patient, the issue most likely is that they are simply understaffed.

But they've been understaffed for years now and it is frankly ridiculous.


It feels like "being fair to workers" doesn't extend to their own support division, as the delays will obviously cause many frustrated customers who are increasingly likely to lash out at customer support as those are the only people they can talk to. And thus they are exposed to unnecessary work stress.

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