"I tried creating a web browser, and Google blocked me"

"After 4 months of waiting, that is the response I got from Widevine, Google’s DRM for web browsers. For the last 2 years I’ve been working on a web browser that now cannot be completed because Google, the creators of the open source browser Chrome, won’t allow DRM in an open source project."

@T3fl0n isn’t Chromium the OpenSource version? BSD-Lizenz if I read the Git correctly. Chrome o.t.o.h. is free-as-in-beer proprietary only.

So you should be able to fork Chromium without problem.
Pushing code upstream might be a challenge though. And towards Chrome there’s one more step.

@T3fl0n On the one hand, no sympathy for not being able to use DRM. On the other hand, this is clear monopolistic behavior on Google's part and they need to be broken up.

@freakazoid @T3fl0n Well, does that open up interoperability exemptions to break the DRM, now?

@T3fl0n takeover tactics:

1. Designed Obsolescence (General Motors)
2. Embrace, Extend, Extinguish (Microsoft)
3. Make it addictive. (Facebook)
4. Make Participation /Inclusion /Installation /Payment automatic. Obfuscate the price paid. Make it the easiest option. (Google)

They work depressingly well.

@T3fl0n I must say that the idea of synchronized video watching is sweet 👍

Indeed, that's what I was thinking too. To bad we will never have it. Thanks Google!

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