Information operations directed at Hong Kong

We are disclosing a significant state-backed information operation focused on the situation in Hong Kong, specifically the protest movement and their calls for political change.

Information operations directed at Hong Kong –

Sicherheit und Datenschutz verspricht Kaspersky den Nutzern seiner Antiviren-Software. Durch ein Datenleck konnten Dritte die Nutzer allerdings jahrelang beim Surfen ausspionieren – sogar im Inkognito-Modus des Browsers.

Kasper-Spy | c't | Heise Magazine –

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meine Eltern haben heute beim Räumen eine Badische Zeitung vom 2. Juli 1988 gefunden... 😳

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Ebola Is Now Curable. Here’s How the New Treatments Work

Officials cut short a clinical trial in the Democratic Republic of Congo after two treatments appear to greatly increase patients' survival rates.

Clever Vanity License Plate Backfires On Man, Winds Up With Tons Of Tickets | Talk Radio 105.9 - KNRS

He thought he'd be pranking the DMV with his plate, but it royally backfired.

Clever Vanity License Plate Backfires On Man, Winds Up With Tons Of Tickets | Talk Radio 105.9 - KNRS –

Montag Abend, t-online, Großstadt, Deutschland. Dann stell ich mir mal den Wecker auf übermorgen... 😴

Public Money, Public Code

Public Money, Public Code - Eine Kampagne, damit öffentlich finanzierte Software als Freie Software veröffentlicht wird

Offener Brief - Public Money, Public Code –

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Python is eating the world: How one developer's side project became the hottest programming language on the planet | ZDNet

Frustrated by programming language shortcomings, Guido van Rossum created Python. With the language now used by millions, Nick Heath talks to van Rossum about Python's past and explores what's next.

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Weltweit gut 300 Millionen Nutzer sind beim Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter aktiv, wie es heißt. Informationen über sie könnten in unbefugte Hände gelangt sein, gibt der US-Betreiber nun zu.… #Twitter #Internet #Datensicherheit #Datenpanne

The US Navy will replace its touchscreen controls with mechanical ones on its destroyers

After a deadly 2017 crash between a destroyer and an oil tanker

AI Needs Your Data—and You Should Get Paid for It

A new approach to training artificial intelligence algorithms involves paying people to submit medical data, and storing it in a blockchain-protected system.

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