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Die heutige Zusammenstellung mochte ich wieder. Der silberne Stift ist zwar fast eingetrocknet, aber der Brushpen ist toll, wenn auch wider Erwarten nicht wasserfest und diese Aquarell-Wachsmalstift mag ich sowieso sehr. #AprilArtJourney

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Finden Sie eine ruhige Innenstadt wichtig?
Ja, klar.

Wünschen Sie sich mehr Parks, Radwege, Spielplätze, Bäume in der Stadt?

Finden Sie es erstrebenswert, dass 8jährige Kinder allein und sicher zum Bäcker vier Straßen weiter gehen können?

Wären Sie bereit, Ihr Auto abzuschaffen oder grundsätzlich vor der Stadt zu parken, wenn der öffentliche Verkehr funktioniert?
Natürlich nicht. Wieso?

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Discussion of possible resemblence of painting with nazi-symbolism, advice needed 

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Fridays For Future 

Hallo! Unser kleines aber recht naises Unternehmen sucht jemanden, di*er Lust hätte, unser Team zu verstärken. C# ist die Sprache der Wahl, ideal wäre ein Hintergrund in der Office-Add-in-Entwicklung.
Wir sitzen in der Nähe von Mannheim, gut mit dem Zug erreichbar, bieten flexible Arbeitszeiten an, Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Job, Teilzeit, gute Bezahlung. 💖

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The follower tab shows activity (likes, follows, boosts) of the accounts you follow.

Direct Messages are threaded in a familiar UI.

Shipping soon! 🚀#pixelfed

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Given a set of 𝑛 transgender individuals, any member of the set will, from its perspective, see exactly 𝑛-1 valid transgender individuals, whilst they themselves are not at all sure they belong in the set.

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The new :pixelfed: Compose UI is huge. It will replace both the original and experimental UIs.

Some highlights:
- Optimized for mobile web
- Live Filter Preview
- Improved album support
- Optional Location Tagging
- Image tools
- Add License
- Easier image descriptions
- Preserve EXIF
- Photographer Mode
- HQ Mode (no resizing or optimizations)
- Location, description and licence are added to the image EXIF media and thumbnails.

and more.

I can't wait to ship this! #pixelfed

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Compromissed ASUS update servers delivered signed malware to hundreds of thousands of customers in 2018:


– it is a targeted attack since the malware is only active if your device has certain MAC addresses
– most victims are in Russia, Germany, and France
– technical details, and affected MAC addresses: securelist.com/operation-shado

#asus #supplychain #attack #malware #update #security #infosec #cybersecurity #shadowhammer

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PSA: If you live where abortion's illegal or inaccessible? this organization will mail you abortion pills internationally and walk you through the process of usage for a donation amount of your choice, no minimum required.


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THIS IS A QUILT. Somebody designed this and sewed it up with hundreds or even thousands of pieces of fabric. Don't ever let anyone say textiles can't be art. Amazing. (Not my photo, quilt is by Montse Forcadell Blasco.)

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I think I'll paint with color blocks over some of my older paintings. See what that does.

I realize that my paintings are always subject to my whims. If my style changes and a painting is not sold, I WILL change it, marker on it, paint it over.

And if you happen to have one older painting, you can bring it over for a makeover! #artistlife #creativeProcess

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Being 40+ 

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Women + aging 

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the best way i know to explain nonbinary gender to cis people is the binary food comparison:

every food is either a sandwich or a dumpling

pizza? sandwich

steak? dumpling

salad? sandwich

potato? dumpling

just because something *can* be sorted into a binary, doesn't mean that's the best or most accurate way to describe it

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Would depend on the gallery, I guess. Hm.

Würde von der Galerie abhängen, schätze ich. Hmm.

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Which is all part of the problem, right.

Was alles Teil des Problems ist, ne.

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(en) I'm still torn if I want to have a gallery representing me and helping me sell my paintings, or if I consider them superfluous stirrup-holders of the bourgeoisie. Not that a gallery would want me... #artistproblems

(de) Ich bin immer noch unentschieden, ob ich eine Galerie möchte, die mich repräsentiert und mir hilft, Bilder zu verkaufen, oder ob ich sie für überflüssige Steigbügelhalter der Bourgeoisie halte. Nicht, dass eine Galerie mich haben wollte...

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❤️ Trans women are women
🧡 Trans men are men
💛 Gender is non-binary
💚 Intersectionality is important
💙 Enbies are beautiful
💜 You are valid
🖤 Love is love

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