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āœØ has been updated with a link on the main page that helps users send admins a message about what lists you'd like to be added to. It's under 'added to a list'.

Check it out:

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Brutalist web design will never fade, because it is "progressive-ready". I can drop it in reader mode or override with local style *very easily*. That's amazing interactive design! No javascript required!

Never forget the complicity of YouTube/Google in spreading far right propaganda.

I honestly donā€™t get the appeal of power lifting or CrossFit for that matter

Hey, World of Toots, my friends' silly game Kickstarter (5 hours left!) about space cats overcoming space Fascists has come to the attention of IRL Fascists.

If you want to support the interests of cats over those of Fascists, you can back the game!

I teach at Lighthouse, an alternative high school in the very poor city of Holyoke, MA. I teach kids electronics, woodworking, drawing, and bookbinding, and this year we have a luthier on staff! Help us teach kids by buying us stuff from our Amazon list!

We're !

(Aside: some of those kids on the site are my students and they are BABIES in those pictures!)

subMedia: **Trouble #15: And You Donā€™t Stop**

"Trouble # 15: And You Don't Stop - our 35-minute love letter to radical hip hop"

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@vantablack @aliasless I'm imagining like, a 50s milkman driving around leaving weed on everyone's doorstep.


ā€œBased on our survey data, consumers are more likely to opt out of lawful markets for copyrighted works and download illegally if there is no lawful way to obtain the rights to lend, resell, and use those copies on their device of choice.ā€

Ya think?

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If your boss pays you minimum wage, it's their way of saying "I'd pay you less if I could."

shout out to all my fellow service workers who donā€™t get to relax on weekends but instead face an increased level of customer service based hell every friday through sunday. one day we will be free of the shackles of both capitalism and our gregorian calendar and no one will ever yell at us because we got their order slightly wrong again

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