Problems we are having with #Signal:
* It is and will remain centralized (clear strategy of *not* federating servers)
* It requires strong identifiers/selectors (phone#) to use
* Author disallows distribution by anyone but Google, although free/libre
* It keeps pushing away verification of fingerprint in interface
* It relies on Google+Amazon infrastructure
* Its funding is shady (OTF = Radio Free Asia = USG)

= clearly unethical choices, unjustifiable by accessibility or technological reasons.

@jz Share your concerns + also that they have effectively helped whitewash Google/Facebook by working with them to add encryption that's not on by default.

At the same time, only one of two solutions right now that are fully open source + cross platform (the other being Wire). (Also, an apk is available for download but is discouraged/not easy to find - they do push people to Google.)

We definitely need decentralised alternatives that publicly oppose surveillance capitalism.


@aral @jz Have you tried Tox? I haven’t used it extensively, but it’s been very easy to setup and use.

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