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The future is going to be an aberrational hybrid of Mad Max, Waterworld (which is reverse mad max), and Nuclear Wasteland complete with mutants.

Aliens will probably reveal themselves as well.

Pockets of humanity in the form of walled cities and nomadic tribes, fighting for scraps of leftover 21st century technology.

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I found a cool thing for Starcraft 2 rankings.
When I was practicing regularly, I was top 5% in the world.

Dips in global rank occurred when I wasn't playing as many matches, or off-racing, or when I wasn't keeping up with current meta.


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Trans women gave you:
- smartphones and other mobile devices
- electronic music
- the LGBT rights movement

You gave trans women:
- underpaid porn jobs

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how come ancaps and fascists dont know the definitions of words

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i wanna make out with that nice girl from scotland but she has a gf now and olivia says scotland is fake

Local friendless armchair psychology expert makes peer reviewed official decree on face book dot com that cutting off contact with abusive people is childish.

will trade ass pics for gun

donate to my paypal so i can get a gun

All those countries neoliberals think are ~so much worse~...
Guess what they have?
Militarized cops, and no guns for citizens.
You get what you ask for.

Maybe your argument is only taking *some* guns away, or restricting who gets to purchase them. Not banning them entirely.


These kinds of laws have only ever been enacted to disarm minorities. Not to disarm neo nazi domestic terrorists. Not to disarm the white dudes who shoot innocent people.
It was always about disarming: Black people. Disabled people. Queer people. And so on...

And though not everyone reading this may feel that they live in an authoritarian society, maybe you are not a victim of the authoritarian circumstances, or you have convinced yourselves that other societies are worse.

Worse than what?
Cities full of billionaires that install spikes on benches so homeless trans kids can't find a place to sleep?

The personality types (manipulators abusers and bigots) that create mass shootings in our militarized authoritarian society are glorified. Our government and landlords and employers enact violence every day.

This society facilitates selfishness and represses kindness, and everyone knows this.

I am more afraid of a society in which oppressed demographics are utterly helpless against the violence of an historically violent authoritarian state that actively seeks to cover up and downplay its committed atrocities.

I do not think I am being hyperbolic or insensitive. I think my priorities and sympathies are just less specific than victims of domestic mass shootings.

eminem was just pop punk hip hop

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north korea has an illegal covert government operation that involves kidnapping children from mexico and canada, then conducting mind control experiments on them with psychedelic drugs

liberals believe literally anything you say about north korea

especially if you’re describing america