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The future is going to be an aberrational hybrid of Mad Max, Waterworld (which is reverse mad max), and Nuclear Wasteland complete with mutants.

Aliens will probably reveal themselves as well.

Pockets of humanity in the form of walled cities and nomadic tribes, fighting for scraps of leftover 21st century technology.

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Trans women gave you:
- smartphones and other mobile devices
- electronic music
- the LGBT rights movement

You gave trans women:
- underpaid porn jobs

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Heavy metal's origins and its core are (typically) counter-culture.

Cops are enforcers of white supremacy and capitalism ("culture").

Therefore, cops have no place at metal shows.

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There is literally nothing edgy, metal, or counter-culture about sarcastic/joking/embodying white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy because it's literally just a regular Tuesday.

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According to this, homosexuality was so normal throughout most of history ppl didn't even care enough to write it down most times. You only see homosexuality referenced by the ppl who think it's very important to stop it, which feels right

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I have a thought, that the Cold War put pressure on the American state to be somewhat less economically harsh on the domestic working class.

As a matter of image.

If you grew up in the city and got to choose your friends, shut the fuck up.


. y o u r d i g i t a l g f t r a p p e d i n t h e m a c h i n e .

bleaching your roots as a form of self-care

hey why does the queer pride event in my city have $120 "VIP passes" ?

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and, most importantly, i can post lewds here

looks like i still got a couple hundred followers on this account

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