Trans women gave you:
- smartphones and other mobile devices
- electronic music
- the LGBT rights movement

You gave trans women:
- underpaid porn jobs

@ThisIsLeeloo Yeah, and white supremacists gave you the transistor. Attempting to credit major technological or social developments that were group efforts, solely to single individuals among the many involved, may be counterproductive.

@mattskala white supremacists are an ideological demographic based on killing or ruling people who arent white men, who are protected and well-represented, and solely preserving and advancing the status quo.

trans women are a socio-medical cultural demographic based on an endocrinological intersex condition whose basic right to exist in public and to receive medical care are routinely challenged at both the interpersonal and political level.

false equivalence. shut the fuck up matt.

@ThisIsLeeloo My point is that reducing *any* group achievement to be owned by a single individual erases everyone else in the group.

@mattskala My point is that white supremacists aren't fucking comparable to trans women, and that trans women are routinely shit on DESPITE our contributions, while white supremacists are protected and uplifted.

shut the fuck up matt

@ThisIsLeeloo I'm disappointed that you insist on addressing me that way when I have been nothing but civil to you, and I am blocking you now.


Trans women also gave:

- the entire 4x genre

(liked only for expression of sentiment, not for situation)

@ThisIsLeeloo I really don't think electronic music stems from trans women in any way.

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