PSA: borgbackup project needs more funding!

If you can help, please contribute.

I currently can not create new bounties for github issues as bountysource org funds are at zero.

Liberapay can alternatively be used.

There is a relatively short overview of the upcoming changes in borg 2.0 (recently, 2.0.0 beta1 was released):

Just released a new borgbackup: the first borg 2 beta.

Please do not run against production repos.

There's a new borgbackup alpha release out for testing (after big source code changes: "blackened" all the code (auto-reformatted using "black"), added mypy + other changes.

Quite some changes coming in borg 2.0 and we need more alpha testers!

Please give testing feedback in the linked github discussion.

Alpha 2 release of the upcoming BREAKING borg 2 release.

Please read the changelog and never run this on production repos.

@gpn_info Gibt es bei der GPN auch eine Online-Teilnahmemöglichkeit?

Rein Online? Geht auch hybrid?

Ich wäre ja gerne vor Ort, wenn ich mir die Corona-Zahlen und das Restrisiko so angucke, sehe ich das für mich aber noch nicht als Option.

Wär das was für die FAQ?

Montag abend gibt's ne session über E-Bikes + Velomobile!

Folien: EN Vortrag: DE

Monday evening, there will be a session about + !

Slides: EN Talk: DE Q&A: EN/DE

VM-Fahrer + Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen!

Working on new borg crypto, please give early feedback:

Also, there is ongoing work (see PRs) on the borg keys / KDF related to this ticket:

i just tested borgbackup master branch for misc. platforms and there were some issues.

borg 1.3 will take quite a while still until it will be released, so there is enough time to fix these issues / make these libraries available.

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