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So @bahamas10_@twitter.com wrote an EFI boot manager in Rust and it's dope af.

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First time trying out visual shaders in Godot for some foliage, really quite nice to use

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You had many great guesses! 😊
This chicken legged hut is your very own home, and you'll get to build it the way you want it! 🐓🏠

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OH: carbon offsets are NFTs for people who still have a hillary sticker on their prius

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Now now, it made sense when it was run on a diskless 32-bit Sun 3/50 with 8mb of RAM - it’s just been 35 years since anyone remembered why it was done like that, so of course we still do it that way on an x64 system with 1TB of RAM and 100TB of disk. twitter.com/geepawhill/status/

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A small step for gurus, a huge sacrifice for me 😅😂 Should be the first time that arm64 runs in qemu natively on arm64 on an M2 MBP 😅 Now the fun starts😅 Thx to @astr0baby@twitter.com for the disk image and his support 🙏🏻

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Der Bund will bei der -ID vorwärts machen. Nationalrat @anderageru@twitter.com von @GrueneCH@twitter.com schreibt über die Möglichkeiten des neuen Projekts und weshalb es besser ist, als der letzte Versuch.

inside-it.ch/parldigi-direkt-e inside-it.ch/parldigi-direkt-e

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Oh nothing, just provisioning a 2011Q4 pkgsrc zone to make sure it still works when I migrate the package archive.

I get annoyed when things stop working. Feels good to fight against enforced obsolescence every so often.

Though seriously, if you're still on 2011Q4, upgrade!

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The current rush for .dev domains made me think about the old, common use of .dev for internal projects (which Google cleverly used HSTS preload to kill off), which reminded me of this, an e-mail I received from our CTO in 2005 at my first job out of college:

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It's not much but this is the first time I've got a compute shader up and running in Godot 4 🥳

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gonna be honest i read this as "COOL HEADER START" and "COOL HEADER END"

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Good cloud premium and cloud economics comparison to Hetzner (Renting) and owning. specbranch.com/posts/one-big-s

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In virtually any software project, there is the primary language -- and then one or two (or more) additional languages for building, tooling, etc. Rust's extraordinary versatility means that it can replace all of these: projects can reasonably be entirely Rust + declarative files

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OH: "Oxide is so full stack that PWA means at least two different things"

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