Food opinion 

Carrots belong on pizza, apparently.

Iā€™ve only just seen it as an option at our usual place and I need to try it.

Some day, I'll be able to set a timer without opening the calculator app first, but today is not that day.


After a couple of hours, I have to say I really like it!

I was kinda afraid that it would be too tight given the size constraints, but it's honestly fine.

It's fun to patch and play, and between the hemisphere suit on the ĀµO_c, Pamela's new workout and the TM there is just enough CV to go around and make any patch dynamic, and Prism and Milky way complement each other nicely as well.

And Plaits sounds a lot nicer than some of the software clones would make you believe.

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eurorack, notes 

Do: Quantized notes into Rings V/Oct input causes rings to only play on note change, creating rhythms.

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eurorack, notes 

Do: TM out into Plaits model input. TM trig with Euclidean rhythm from either Ornament and Crime or Pamelaā€™s new workout. Attenuate TM output. :yayblob:

Donā€™t: TM output directly into V/oct input. šŸ˜šŸ˜ž

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re: School (kinda), trying to learn stuff 

@Tomatinchen gods, yeah, I hate that word too!

School (kinda), trying to learn stuff 

The fastest way for me to drop an online learning course like a hot potato is to use the word "homework" instead of say : practice.

Not once in my life has "homework" improved or even helped with anything I wanted to learn.

(It also might just be a trigger for me specifically but that's neither here nor there.)

Ganz ehrlich, ihr seht "Tischkicker im BĆ¼ro" als Anreiz, ich als Bedrohung.

@Tomatinchen @blinry for building analogue synthesizers I can recommend Moritz Kleins youtube channel. Especially the series on building a VCO is really good and explains from grounds up, so it is understandable even if you dont have any electronics knowledge (it still is a lot of contene in short time though):

ā€œSo ā€¦ how neurotypial are you?ā€

*exited happy flapping*

Biology, people being assholes 

Some people will literally argue with "it's basic biology" - and then not now what a clitoris is.

me: "Is this a furry story?"
@lara :"Which story isn't a furry story?"
me: "The Bible?!"
@lara :"You're just reading it wrong!"

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