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I'll start a new job on Monday, and my anxiety is starting to kick in and I don't like it.


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The last few days have been an up and down between feeling very confident and feeling absolutely inadequate.

And now I'm feeling emotionally sea sick, or whatever equivalent that would be.

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PSA: If you're doing research but don't have access to a university library, you should definitely *not* use a website to pirate a large amount of journal articles. That would be illegal and wrong. I post this link so you can bear witness to this unlawful activity. mg.scihub.ltd/

Bluetooth: A collection of bugs that sometimes happens to make noise.

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being a programmer gives you this weird form of brain damage that makes you think that you have arrived at all of your opinions using logic and pure reason and anyone who disagrees with you just hasnt logicked hard enough

Coming out of my well, actually, to splain mankind

Some Asshole: humans are just naturally inclined to selfish behavior because of evolution

Humans: *form social bonds with strangers*
Humans: *form social bonds with animals*
Humans: *form social bonds with plants*
Humans: *form social bonds with robots*

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