mh (-) 

Kind of having big sads and trying to distract myself with mixed results.

I don't have a gender identity crisis - my gender IS an identity crisis.

trans shitpost 

some trans men: I want to have a penis
some trans women: I want to have no penis
me, a pile of genderfuck: I want to have breakfast


ā€œThey said it while wearing a jeans vest.ā€

ā€œSo they said it in jest?ā€

if youā€™ve just joined mastodon then thatā€™s great but pls have some evidence that youā€™re a) not a nazi and b) an actual person before hitting follow ty

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CN Transfeindlichkeit frage 

Die Frage stelle ich, weil das sonst immer passiert ist wenn irgendwo (z.B. Heute Show, oder in Zeitungen) Witze Ć¼ber MƤnnern in Kleidern oder ā€œā€ā€Wir stellen ja nur fragenā€ā€ā€-Artikel verƶffentlicht wurden.

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CN Transfeindlichkeit frage 

Wurde heute wieder verbal von der Seite transfeindlich beleidig. War die Tage mal wieder was grĆ¶ĆŸeres Ć¼ber trans Menschen in den Deutschen Medien?

Should anyone need a name for a psychedelic rock album: Blissful Anxiety

Ah it's "What even is real, everything is just a fuzzy mess"-O'clock

shitpost, heteronormative sexual stereotypes 

Yes i am a gamergirl, i have rgb breast implants

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

wow another enby meme? yep

Crafting idea 

I need a button that, when pressed, says in the most dry and unenthusiastic voice : "mood". That can be pressed in response to about any situation.

I feel like this could come in handy in the coming months/years or just until human civilisation ends.


No one:
Not a single soul:

horny Germans:

Clothing shitpost 

tired: cargo pants
wired: cargo skirt
inspired: cargo dress

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