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About this account 

this is my account.

I'm a kinky queer with a lot of different interests and the attention span of OH A SQUIRREL!

I also sometimes do tech or tech adjacent stuff I guess.

This account is locked because I sometimes post lewd and private (mostly health related) stuff and I don't want to to public.
(And when I do I always CW them.) And for a total private or dark account this happens to seldom.

If you'd like to follow feel free to send a request and | or preferably a dm.

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About this account, disclaimer about lewds 

This is not a porn account.
Sex work is work and if that's what you're looking for, you should pay sex workers who offer that service.

I'm queer. I'm trans. What I want to do here is document, share and experiment with kink and sex. I want to do this because it's part of my life and I don't want to censor myself out of shame (any more).

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About this account, disclaimer about lewds 

Some of the things might appear to be dark or even extreme.
I know the difference between fantasy and reality and if you want to follow I hope you do to.

I try my best to CW everything properly.

Also I might be a spider furry apparently, so you know. You have been warned.

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About this account, health disclaimer 

I have little more than a hand full of health issues. Both mentally and physically.

I am in a good place. I am safe. And I am stable.
It might not always seem like that. Especially if I need to vent.

So if things get a little dark, please don't worry.

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ph/mh ~ 

Normal people: "wait so you're ... in pain all the time?"

Me: Wait, you're ... not? Like, you have times where nothing hurts anywhere at all? How would that even work? What the ... what?

Gender shitpost 

"Are you a man or a woman?"
"Honey, I'm an affront to god."
"Yeah but what's in your pants?"

impressive how modern queer culture took queer theory and did the Polar Opposite like. making more and more special little boxes in which to essentialize and freeze identities. amazing

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To day is the day when photons interact normally with lesbians.

As supposed to usually, where they just pass straight though them.

To all the non-binary people out there:

You're amazing!

Hey Europeans, there's a European citizens initiative going round right now for universal/unconditional basic income.

The deadline has just been extended to the start of May.

Be cool if you signed it!


Nicht ├╝bers Gehalt reden hilft nur einem, und das bist nicht du.

Accessibility Rant, TL;DR 

Give you're images descriptions! Seriously.
Even if you don't have the energy for it, just one sentence is better than literally nothing.

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Accessibility Rant 

For your consideration, the only thing I found, when looking for screen reader standards, was that you should add alternative text to your images in websites, which only took - what- ~15 years or so, to arrive on regular social media? And it's still not strictly enforced when it should be.

I feel like screen readers should be - at the very least- publicly funded and freely accessible to all. And also an open inexpensive/free way to test your website/software for compliance.

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Accessibility Rant 

I hate almost everything about screen readers.
Notably not the part where they help people with limited/no sight, navigate computers, but rather everything else. Every screen reader (that I've seen) works different, interprets GUIs and websites differently, and most still are not able to handle emoji properly.
Add to that, that they cost a literal fortune, and are generally unavailable for sighted developers, and you have yourself the current hell of screen readers.

this shit's like "i wish this coffee table were a few inches taller, oh well" and then someone chiming in with "just learn woodworking and make your own table doofus"

who thinks this shit is helpful in the slightest lmfao

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lewd, out of context 

.@lara :
"It's a good hole, isn't it?!"

Less Ranty 

Obviously bigoted or abusive, behaviour should still be addressed, and people need to be held accountable. But the answer to bigotry and abuse, should not be more abuse and bigotry.

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Less Ranty 

Like, at least, if you have something that annoys you, especially if you have a large following, do not call out other trans people in public. This will only ever result in harassment and likely death threats, and no matter how bad(tm) another trans person behaves, they do NOT deserve that.

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Rant, Caps 

Look, I don't know which other white trans people need to hear this:

It takes literally 0 effort, not to tell other trans people how to properly behave online to be one of the good-trans(tm).
And yet!

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