News: Upcoming glibc upgrade requires updates for other packages on 32-bit machines

We currently have a fuckup with our domain. It's fixed, but we need to wait for replication.

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Okay, got @VoidLinux running on the @solid_run LX2k HoneyComb. The graphics card still has no output, but serial console and ssh works fine :)

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#KDE vs #XFCE memory usage:
KDE 4.17.4: 222M
XFCE 4.14.0: 211M
Both after clean boot.
OS: @VoidLinux (runit init system) with all updates installed.
Pretty Minimal install, no DM (just .xinitrc).
Hardware: Librebooted ThinkPad T60.
#linux #memusage

Currently baking python-3.8 for you. That's our Christmas present ❤️❤️❤️

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