@VoidLinux Sad to see a non-systemd distro waste its time on petty virtue signalling.

@tyil The toot costed as much time as your reply.

I'm confident that the toot itself doesn't change much, but I'm sure that every technologist has a responsibility nowadays and we as a community must make this statement, even if it may change nothing.

@Gottox "must" is a very strong word when you already agree that this toot does absolutely nothing to help anyone. This time would be better spent improving the distro.

@tyil If you'd like to help improving void and not bikeshedding about what I should do, here's the issue tracker: github.com/void-linux/void-pac

@Gottox I'm not spending my time using a community account to virtue signal, but thanks. If I ever feel the need to use a community account to push a personal agenda (which accomplishes nothing but drama and divisiveness), I'll think back to this moment and instead check the issue tracker of :voidlinux: .

@tyil I'm a cis white male, the movement is barely my *personal* agenda.

@Gottox I thought people were all equals, so I'm unsure why you're bringing race and gender into the mix when that was completely out of the question. But virtue signalling instead of actually helping someone is most definitely springing from a personal agenda to pretend you're a better person than you actually are. Immediately grasping for arbitrary physical traits that you have no control over just help paint a picture of what kind of person you are.

@Gottox Don't spend your time with them. They are just trolling or trying to waste your time.

@Gottox You're welcome :). Even if posting this picture does not improve the situation, positioning a community in such an issue is important to establish a climate that attracts the right people or people one wants to work with.

More over, I have some problems with the term virtue signalling itself.
Keep up the good work and do not be discouraged by some troll.

@codingHahn actually, whenever someone says, I should keep up the good work, I'm tempted to refer to all the more regular committers, as I reduced my workload on the project for now due to my day job.

@VoidLinux It's great that you took the time to voice support for the movement.

@Gottox Except that you're saying only black houses that are on fire matter. Other colored houses often burn down as well.

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